Other faculty

Senior lab and tutorial instructors

Name Research  Contact

Dr. Stephanie Calce

Senior Lab Instructor, Sessional Instructor and Adjunct Assistant Professor

PhD - U of Victoria 


Responsible for the ANTH 240 and 250 labs

Physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, forensic anthropology


Sharonne Specker             MA - U of Victoria

Senior Tutorial and Assistant for ANTH 200

ANTH 200 Tutorials

Cultural Anthropology, Folk Music, Switzerland

Cornett B217

Office hours: F 11-12:00


Limited term faculty 


Research  Contact

Michael I. Asch            Professor

Socio-cultural anthropology; North America; political and legal anthropology


Daryl Fedje

Assistant Professor

Archaeology, Quaternary paleoecology, Haida Gwaii

Cornett B336


Duncan McLaren

Assistant Professor




Archaeology, Northwest Coast, environmental archaeology, long-term history




Cornett B336




Jaro Stacul          

Assistant Teaching Professor




Sociocultural anthropology 





Cornett B212

Office hours: W: 3-5:00


Adjuncts, cross-listed and visiting faculty

Name Research  Contact

Christopher Ames 

Adjunct Assistant Professor      



Prehistoric archaeology; geoarchaeology; human-environment dynamics, site formation processes, geospatial and computational methods, southwest Asia, South Africa.

Judith Berman   

Adjunct Assistant Professor        

Franz Boas scholar, Northwest Coast oral literature and ethnohistory


Susan Crockford

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Archaeozoology; Zoogeography; Pacific Rim/Arctic paleoecology; Polar bear ecology; Polar bear evolution; Evolutionary theory; Evolution of the domestic dog; Domestication and breed development

Robert L. A. Hancock, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Sessional


Socio-cultural anthropology; history and historiography of anthropology; anthropological theory; Indigenous-state relations; northern North America


Peter Stahl
Adjunct Professor


Archaeology, historical ecology, zooarchaeology, South America


Deniz Unsal

Adjunct Assistant Professor and Sessional

Socio-cultural Anthropology; Museum and Heritage Studies; Politics of culture and cultural policy; Urban life, migrants and refugees; Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East

Anthropologists elsewhere at UVic

Please use the UVic web site's search machine to find anthropologists and or archaeologists based in other units at the University of Victoria.