Other faculty

Sessional instructors 2018-2019

Name/position Research interests Contact

Jeremy Beller

(Lecturer, PhD candidate)

Fall 2018

ANTH 392: Geoarchaeology - new course

Office hours and location: email instructor

Stephanie Calce

(Lecturer, PhD U of Victoria)

Physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, forensic anthropology

Summer 2018

ANTH 394:Forensic Anthropology-Death Investigation

Fall 2018

ANTH 250 Biological Anthropology

Melanie Chang
(Lecturer, PhD U of Pennsylvania)

Physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, Middle Pleistocene Homo

Fall 2018

ANTH 394: The Neandertals - Online course

Spring 2019

ANTH 394: Great Debates in Human Evolution - Online course


Amanda Cooke 

(Lecturer, MA, UVic)

Fall 2018

ANTH 394: Archaeology of Infectious Disease

Office hours will be held Friday's. Time to be announced. 

Contact via email 

Ranald Donaldson
(Lecturer, MD UBC)

Research relates to general human osteology and forensic human osteology.

Summer 2018

ANTH 352 Human Osteology

Spring 2019

ANTH 452 A01 Forensic Human Osteology

ANTH 452 A02 Skeletal Disease

Cornett B214

Office hours: email instructor


Rob Hancock

(Lecturer, PhD)

Spring 2019

ANTH 393 Anthropologists in Indigenous Communities

Office: First Peoples House

Office hours: email instructor


Sarah Fletcher

(Lecturer, PhD University of Victoria)

Summer 2018

ANTH 395 Community Based Research

Office hours and location: email instructor


Marla MacKinnon

(Lecturer, PhD candidate UVic)

Fall 2018

ANTH 352 Human Osteology

Contact ANTH office for information. anthtwo@uvic.ca 

Andrew Mark

(Lecturer, PhD)

Fall 2018

ANTH 393 Sounding Our Environment: Grooving To The Very End - New course

Contact ANTH office for information. anthtwo@uvic.ca 

Deniz Unsal

(Lecturer, PhD)

Fall 2018

ANTH 391 Anthropological Perspectives On The Middle East

Spring 2019

ANTH 393 Anthropology Of The City - New course

Office: Cornett B212

Office hours: email instructor


Senior lab and tutorial instructors

Name/position Research interests Contact

Stephanie Calce, PhD

Senior Lab Instructor

Physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, forensic anthropology

ANTH 240 and 250 labs

Sharonne Specker, MA

Senior Assistant ANTH 200

ANTH 200 Tutorials

Cultural Anthropology, Folk Music, Switzerland

Cornett B217

Office hours: TBA


Limited term faculty and Post-doctoral fellows


Research / Courses Contact

Michael I. Asch (Professor, PhD Columbia)

Socio-cultural anthropology; North America; political and legal anthropology

Daryl Fedje
(Assistant Professor; MA U of Calgary)

Archaeology, Quaternary paleoecology, Haida Gwaii

Cornett B336


Duncan McLaren
(Assistant Professor; PhD U of Victoria)

Archaeology, Northwest Coast, environmental archaeology, long-term history

Cornett B336



Adjuncts, cross-Listed, emeritus and visiting faculty

Name/position Research interests Contact

William Alkire
(Emeritus faculty, PhD Illinois)

Ethnology; cultural ecology; political economy of Oceania; ideational systems and material culture; Austronesian culture; history and language; Micronesia and Oceania; Southeast Asia


Christopher Ames          (Adjunct faculty, PhD McGill)

Prehistoric archaeology; geoarchaeology; human-environment dynamics, site formation processes, geospatial and computational methods, southwest Asia, South Africa.

Judith Berman               (Adjunct faculty, PhD U of Pennsylvania)

Franz Boas scholar, Northwest Coast oral literature and ethnohistory

Heather Botting           (Emeritus faculty, PhD U of Alberta)

Folklore, Religion, Social Justice

Susan Crockford

(Adjunct faculty, PhD U of Victoria)

Archaeozoology; Zoogeography; Pacific Rim/Arctic paleoecology; Polar bear ecology; Polar bear evolution; Evolutionary theory; Evolution of the domestic dog; Domestication and breed development

N. Ross Crumrine

(Emeritus faculty, PhD Arizona)

Ethnology; structural analysis; symbolic anthropology; religion and folklore-mythology; culture change; Latin America, Southwestern US, Pacific, Guam, Philippines.

Leland Donald

(Emeritus faculty, PhD Oregon)

Ethnology; social organization; ethnohistory; quantitative methods; Pacific Northwest

Care of the ANTH office.

Robert L. A. Hancock

(Adjunct faculty, PhD U of Victoria)

Socio-cultural anthropology; history and historiography of anthropology; anthropological theory; Indigenous-state relations; northern North America

Nicolas Rolland

(Emeritus faculty, PhD Cambridge)

Prehistoric Archaeology; palaeoanthropology, anthropology of foraging societies; palaeolithic; prehistory economy and ecology; social life of ancient hominids; method and theory of Archaeology; Anthropological theory; Europe, Mediterranean, Temperate and tropical Asia

Peter Stahl
(Professor; PhD Illinois)

Archaeology, historical ecology, zooarchaeology, South America


Peter Stephenson

(Emeritus faculty, PhD U of Toronto)

Applied and medical anthropology; Aging and society; Ethics; Refugees

Deniz Unsal

(Adjunct faculty, PhD Columbia University)

Socio-cultural Anthropology; Museum and Heritage Studies; Politics of culture and cultural policy; Urban life, migrants and refugees; Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East

Margot Wilson

(Emeritus faculty, PhD Southern Methodist University)

Culture change, international development, Bangladesh, women's narratives

Anthropologists in other UVic departments, schools and centres

Name/position Research / Courses Contact

R. Brendan Burke
(Greek and Roman Studies, PhD UCLA)

Archaeologist; Classical Greece, the Bronze Age Aegean, and Iron Age Anatolia

Darcy Mathews

(Environmental Studies, PhD University of Victoria)

Ethnoecologist; Archaeologist. I work in collaboration with First Nations communities to understand the deep history of social and ecological relationships between past peoples and their environments.

John P. Oleson
(Greek and Roman Studies, PhD Harvard)

Archaeologist; ancient technology; Near Eastern archaeology; maritime archaeology; underwater archaeology

Nancy J. Turner
(Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies, PhD UBC)

Ethnobotany; ethnoecology; British Columbia

Christine O'Bonsawin
(Program Director Indigenous Studies Inderdisciplinary Minor Program, PhD UWO)

Sport History; Aboriginal sports; politics; Native identity; Metis ancestry; gender; regionalism and cultural differences; North America, Latin America


Rebecca (Becky) Wigen
(MA UVic)

Zooarchaeology, North West Coast, taphonomy