Name Research Contact
William Alkire Ethnology; cultural ecology; political economy of Oceania; ideational systems and material culture; Austronesian culture; history and language; Micronesia and Oceania; Southeast Asia walkire@uvic.ca
Heather Botting Folklore, Religion, Social Justice hbotting@uvic.ca
Leslie Butt Family and migration, medical anthropology, gender and reproduction, HIV/AIDS, Indonesia; the Pacific and Southeast Asia lbutt@uvic.ca
Leland Donald Ethnology; social organization; ethnohistory; quantitative methods; Pacific Northwest anthtwo@uvic.ca
Lisa Gould Ecology, socio-ecology, behavioral endocrinology, demography and conservation of Endangered Lemur catta (the ring-tailed lemur). lgould@uvic.ca
Margo L. Matwychuk Sociocultural anthropology, political economy, feminism, Latin America (Brazil), poverty, housing and homelessness, politics of food and hunger mmatwych@uvic.ca
Lisa M. Mitchell Cultural anthropology, bodies and embodiment, reproduction, ultrasound imaging, children and youth, visual culture, Philippines, Canada lmm@uvic.ca

Nicolas Rolland



Prehistoric Archaeology; palaeoanthropology, anthropology of foraging societies; palaeolithic; prehistory economy and ecology; social life of ancient hominids; method and theory of Archaeology; Anthropological theory; Europe, Mediterranean, Temperate and tropical Asia nrolland@uvic.ca
Eric Roth HIV/AIDS; Substance use; Canada
Peter Stephenson Applied and medical anthropology; Aging and society; Ethics; Refugees pstephen@uvic.ca
Margot Wilson Culture change, international development, Bangladesh, women's narratives mwmoore@uvic.ca