Graduate FAQ

If your questions are not answered here or on the "How to apply" page please contact the Graduate Program Assistant at with your questions.

How do I apply to the graduate program in anthropology?

To apply for the MA and PhD programs all applications and supporting documents are sent directly to Graduate Admissions through the online application process. Applications are first reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies after which they are forwarded to the Anthropology Department for decision.

For information pertaining to admissions, please refer to the Graduate Studies checklists.

For more on how to apply see here.

What types of graduate research are being conducted in the Department of Anthropology?

Our department members are engaged in exciting and relevant research - locally, regionally and internationally, and across anthropology's sub-fields of archaeology, biological and cultural anthropology.

A distinctive feature of our research program and graduate training is our concern to create thematic integration across anthropology's traditional sub-fields.

This is an innovative and exciting approach that builds on anthropology's long-standing holistic approach at a time when fracturing along sub-disciplinary lines is becoming the norm.

We are among a small number of anthropology departments in North America actively fostering meaningful connections and dialogue among anthropology's traditional sub-fields.

Several thematic foci link faculty and students across traditional sub-field boundaries. These include:

What is the deadline for applying?

January 15 of every year.

What types of financial assistance is available?

We have a limited amount of funding available to support graduate students, including fellowships, graduate awards and teaching assistantships. This funding is awarded on a competitive basis.

The graduate committee will inform incoming students of the funding that they have been awarded.

Offers of funding are dependent on multiple factors and may not be made at the same time as admission. Some incoming students may not receive any offer of funding.

For more information please see the funding webpage.

What courses are required in the MA and PhD programs?

Please see the University Academic Calendar for course requirements.

Can I transfer graduate coursework from another institution to UVic?

If you are looking to transfer from another institution’s graduate program, you’ll apply through our regular admissions channels.

If accepted, you may be given transfer credit for coursework at your original university, according to regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.