What are Boundaries?

a solid line is drawn between two people facing each other

Boundaries are a set of expectations on how we want to be treated by others. Boundaries establish a line between what is acceptable & comfortable from what is unacceptable & uncomfortable. Boundaries are established based on our thoughts, feelings, experiences, beliefs, wants, and/or needs. For example, while we may enjoy a hug from a trusted friend, a hug from a casual acquaintances may feel awkward and uncomfortable.

We want everyone at UVic to feel empowered to CREATE and establish their own boundaries. This goes hand in hand with ensuring we learn to RECOGNIZE and respect other people’s boundaries. This show of respect is the first step in practicing meaningful consent. We want to encourage everyone at UVic to CELEBRATE one another’s boundaries, they are the foundation of strong and supportive relationships!

It’s never your fault if someone is pushing your boundaries or refusing to respect your boundaries.