Exams office (info for instructors)

photo of exam room with computers
Exam room with assistive technology computers

University exams for your students with CAL

CAL provides a professionally invigilated exam centre where your students with exam-related accommodations can write tests and exams.

The accommodated exam booking process is initiated by each student registered with CAL.   

Navigate to the online instructor services to:

  • Confirm tests and exams your students have already booked with CAL
  • Book accommodated tests and exams for your students ahead of time
  • Securely upload exam materials and remove them after your course has ended

To view the Accommodated Testing/ Examination Procedures Info Manual for Instructors please click here

You can also view text and video tutorials showing you how to use the online instructor services.

Exam Office Contacts:

Janis Stewart, Exams Office Supervisor:



Rose Babcock, Exam Coordinator: