Accommodated exams

The CAL Exam Centre provides the following supports:

  • Invigilation services for face-to-face, supervised, timed, paper-based or online exams
  • Summaries of student's exam accommodations, for applying to online exam
  • Referrals to, and collaboration with, Learning Experience Designers – Accessibility from LTSI

The CAL Exam Centre may not be able to accommodate certain exams, such as lab exams that require specific material, software, or audio/visual components.

Please contact us as early as possible if you have any questions about your chosen exam format.

Face-to-face supervised exams

If you require invigilation services from the CAL Exam Centre for your synchronous, timed, face-to-face, paper-based or online exams, we require the exam details at least 10 days prior to the exam date. We understand however, that some summer courses run for a very short period (i.e. 3 weeks), and that it may not always be possible for instructors to meet this service request deadline.

  • Enter your exam details via CAL Online Instructor Services by the deadline.
  • Exam details include date(s), start time, regular duration, answer materials requirements, allowances, your contact information during the exam, and your exam delivery and return preferences (if applicable).
  • For assistance with applying exam details to multiple course sections and/or exam dates, please email the CAL Exam Centre at .
  • If you have a final exam scheduled by the OREG, we do not require final exam details until the schedule is released. We will connect with you again at that time.

If we do not have your information by the deadline:

  • We will assume you do not have any exams planned, or that you do not require our services (i.e. you will accommodate students yourself).
  • We may be unable to accommodate your students due to space limitations.

Students who release their accommodation letter to you will now be automatically scheduled to write at the CAL Exam Centre for any exam you have identified in our system.

You will receive an email 6 days prior to the exam outlining the students who are scheduled to write with us, and their start/end times.

During the exam:

  • If you come across an error on the exam in the classroom, please notify CAL as soon as possible so we can provide this information to your students.
  • Students are advised that if they are unclear about a question, and if you cannot be contacted, they should note their concern on the test paper, and answer based on their interpretation of the question.

If your student misses a scheduled exam at CAL (due to illness, etc.) and you approve a make-up exam, please forward your authorization to .

Paper-based exams

  • You must submit your exam copies to CAL 24 hours prior to the day of the exam.

Online exams

  • You are responsible for applying extra time accommodations and adjusting exam access for your student(s) who may have alternate start times.
  • Learning Experience Designers – Accessibility from the LTSI are available to support instructors to meet students' accessibility and accommodation needs in Brightspace and all other UVic learning technologies.
  • You must submit any passwords for your exam to CAL 24 hours prior to the day of the exam.

Other exams

If you have designed an exam in any other online format, you are responsible for applying exam accommodations.

Learning Experience Designers – Accessibility from the LTSI are available to support instructors to meet students' accessibility and accommodation needs in Brightspace and all other UVic learning technologies.

If you require assistance with online exam supervision, LTSI provides a supervised Online Assessment Room that can accommodate your students with their alternate writing time. Please contact LTSI at to request students be booked in this space.

Applying exam accommodations

Additional exam time

Paper-based exams at CAL

Extended time is calculated and provided by the CAL Exam Centre.

Online exams

Extended time allowances specified in the student's accommodation letter must be applied by the instructor to each student's exam. You can watch an instructional video or contact LTSI at for assistance.

If you are providing a time span greater than the intended duration of the exam for the whole class, and the given time meets or exceeds the greatest extra time accommodation listed in your CAL letters, then extra time generally does not apply. For example:

  • You are giving the whole class two hours for a test that is intended to take one hour to complete
  • You are giving the whole class 24 hours or longer to complete the exam

Please communicate this information to your student prior to exam day, so they understand that the time provided is greater than the intended exam time, and so any concerns can be addressed in advance.

Use of adaptive technology such as Kurzweil 3000 or Dragon Naturally Speaking

Paper-based exams at CAL

CAL provides computers with adaptive technology.

Online exams

Students should set this accommodation up for themselves on their own device.

  • If students do not have access to adaptive technology, they should contact their CAL advisor.
  • Students with this accommodation have access to a test course in Brightspace, to learn how their technology requirements function in an online setting.

Use of a calculator or formula sheet when not an allowance for all students


Some students have medical documentation that warrants the use of use of a five function calculator in exams when calculators are NOT a standard allowance to all students writing the exam. Find more information regarding the calculator accommodation on the CAL website.

Formula sheet

A formula sheet is intended to prompt a response to a question that the student has studied but may have difficulty recalling due to sequencing deficits. Find more information regarding the formula sheet accommodation on the CAL website.

Assessments delivered in a format that allows student navigation back and forth between questions

This accommodation is specific to quizzes/tests/exams for your student and their ability to navigate back and forth between questions or pages of questions.

LTSI can support you in providing this accommodation. In advance of the exam, contact LTSI Support to request the following supports:

One exam per day or time of day restrictions

Students who are not able to write their exam at the scheduled time for barrier-related reasons can arrange to perform the work at another time without penalty.

Students and instructors should follow the information outlined in the letter of accommodation. Find more information regarding the one exam per day/time of day restrictions accommodation on the CAL website.

Paper-based exams at CAL

With instructor approval, CAL will accommodate adjusted/alternate exam times.

Online exams

Adjusted/alternate exam times are coordinated and applied by the instructor.

Note that flexibly timed exams can help address scheduling issues. To discuss exam format options in more detail, or for guidance on which option may best suit your needs, please contact LTSI Support at .

Back-to-back lectures causing exam overlap or scheduling conflicts

Students with back-to-back lectures may need to begin your exam at a slightly different time, in order to eliminate overlaps that extra writing time can sometimes cause.

Paper-based exams at CAL

CAL will adjust exam start time to eliminate conflict, and will ensure exam security. Please contact the CAL Exam Centre at if you have any questions.

Online exams

Adjusted/alternate start times are coordinated and applied by the instructor.

Scribe, visual aid, or exam in alternate format

If this accommodation is required you will receive more information from CAL.

Accommodation letters

You will receive an accommodation letter notification by email from CAL for each student with academic accommodations who chooses to self-identify and apply their accommodation plan. The accommodation letter is developed in collaboration with a CAL accessibility advisor, and is used to begin a discussion with course and program staff about a student's accommodation needs.