Face-to-face assessments

If your students are writing their assessment at CAL, you are required to provide instructions regarding the proper administration of your assessments, to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the assessment process.

The CAL Exam Centre may not be able to accommodate certain exams (i.e. lab exams that require specific material, software, audio/visual components). Please contact us as early as possible if you have any questions about your exam.

Note: If your face-to-face course has online assessments, please see our instructions for online assessments.

Providing assessment information

You are required to provide all assessment information (date, start time, duration, allowances, etc.) for each face-to-face quiz, test, or exam you plan to hold, to the CAL Exam Centre by September 20, 2021. Once you have submitted details, students are required to book their seat in the CAL Exam Centre at least one week in advance.

To provide CAL with your assessment information:

  1. Go to your courses list in CAL Online Instructor Services
  2. Follow the "Tests and Exams" link for your course section
  3. Follow the instructions on that page to submit the date, time, and other details of your assessment
  4. Return to that form to submit your assessment materials at least 24 hours before the assessment

Important notes:

  • We do not require final exam details until the final exam schedule is released.
  • The CAL Exam Centre will send you a reminder email 48 hours in advance if we have not received your assessment materials.
  • The CAL Exam Centre cannot accommodate your student if you do not submit your materials by the 24 hour deadline.

During the assessment

If you come across an error on the exam in the classroom, please notify CAL as soon as possible so we can provide this information to your students.

Students are advised that if they are unclear about a question, and if you cannot be contacted, they should note their concern on the test paper, and answer based on their interpretation of the question.

Complete assessments

If you select the pick-up by instructor at CAL main office option:

  • Please remember that we often seat students in various locations on campus, and that your exam might not be available for pick-up right away.
  • Please be prepared to provide identification to CAL staff upon pickup.

If you select the return by CAL staff to department office option:

  • CAL staff will hand return completed exams to your department office the following business day.

Missed assessments

If your student misses a scheduled assessment at CAL (due to illness, etc.) and you approve a make-up assessment, please forward your authorization to the exam coordinator at or the CAL main office.