Notetaking accommodations

Does your student have a notetaking accommodation?

If your student has a notetaking accommodation, you may be asked to play a role in the implementation.

The Letter of Accommodation will list a notetaking accommodation:

"Your student will contact you if they need your assistance with notes in class. If contacted by your student you may confidentially refer a volunteer to them. The volunteer can arrange free photocopying by emailing"

Implementing a notetaking accommodation

Your student may ask you to find a volunteer notetaker from the class. You can do this in a number of different ways. For example, make an announcement in class asking that any notetaking volunteers speak to you after class, or approach a student who you know will take good notes or that you know is seeking out volunteer opportunities. When a volunteer is identified, please connect notetakee and notetaker in a manner that respects confidentiality (i.e. in a manner that does not disclose personal info to the broader class).

Alternative options available to the student

The UVic Learning Assistance Program (LAP) offers a fee-based Full-Serve Notetaking Program. The LAP directly contacts students registered in the requested course, hires and provides training for participating notetakers. Notes provided through this program are intended as a supplement to a student’s own notes.

Please note:  This is a fee-based program. It is not always a viable option for students.


For questions pertaining to the notetaking accommodation and your role, please contact the advisor listed on your student’s accommodation letter.

For questions regarding the Full-Serve Notetaking Program, please email