Assistive Technology Software Accommodation

Who uses assistive technology in exams?

Some students have an accommodation to use specific software to lower barriers to reading, writing and navigating print. 

What assistive technology software is available at CAL for students writing exams?

*CAL exam computers and these software products do not access internet or network resources unless the instructor explicitly requests CAL to permit that. 

Kurzweil 3000: Reads digital or scanned exams aloud in a synthetic speech voice. Has tools to identify potential errors in spelling, grammar, confusable words and homophones. The dictionary feature in Kurzweil is turned OFF for exam writers.

JAWS: A non-sighted student can use a keyboard to navigate entire Windows computing experience with accompanying synthetic speech feedback to read digital exams and answer exam questions using a word processor. 

MAGic: Zooms size of digital exam up to 32x and also reads aloud in a synthetic speech voice.  

Voice recognition (Dragon Naturally Speaking): Student dictates exam answers by voice and that dictation is recognized by the software as typed words into a word processor.  

Microsoft OneNote: Integrates handwritten and typed answers (figures, numerals, etc.) to an exam in one digital document with a mouse and/or keyboard. 

Instructors can find more information about these assistive technologies on this page.