Assistive technology

image of student using voice recognition software
student uses voice recognition software

Can I have training on new technology?  How do I know what’s available?

We can provide an individual technology consultation for you if you’re currently registered with CAL.  This involves:

  • identifying areas in which technology supports your educational goals
  • providing information and demonstrations of technology-based solutions
  • referring to other agencies as necessary

Some training can be provided if you want to learn to use an assistive software application.

Contact Darryl Gorrie at  for more information.

Some popular technology products:

Screen magnification & screen reading software

MAGic for Windows or ZoomText

Windows screen reader


Screen reader for Chrome web browser


Google Apps user guide to screen reading accessibility

Google apps

Literacy support with read-aloud features

Kurzweil 3000 (*excellent for pdf documents that will not read aloud in other software)

reading toolbarwriting toolbar, and a complete Kurzweil 3000 overviewKurzweil 3000 version 13 how-to vids ()

Balabolka free text to speech reader/writer for Windows.  Balabolka overview

Reading aloud tool with high quality voices for iOS

Voice Dream Reader + High quality voice examples  () ()

Reading aloud tools with high quality voices for Android

Voice Dream Reader

ezPDF Reader Pro + High quality Acapela voices

Moon+ Reader Pro

Read aloud for OSX and iOS

Apple VoiceOver ()

Speech recognition software (i.e. type-by-voice)

Dragon Naturally Speaking for PC dictation & commands

Dragon for Mac and version 6 - quick setup and use demo

Dragon Anywhere for iOS and Android

High quality USB microphone for speech recognition

Andrea Headset Mic

Outlining, writing and brainstorming

(visual learning supports for thinking and writing)


Essay Jack

Thesis and Dissertation management

Scrivener ()

Handwrite, type and audio record notes all in the same place

Microsoft OneNote  ()

Digital smart pen to capture content and replay

Livescribe Pen ()

Audio recording for later review

Olypmus DS-2500