Learning Strategist program

Looking for strategies and techniques to strengthen efficiency, fluency, organization, and success in your coursework? Try one-on-one support with a Learning Strategist today!

The Learning Strategist Program provides an easy way to get connected with a trained learning strategist who can help you navigate your learning across the semester. Learning Strategists help students to identify their strengths and develop personalized learning strategies to meet the challenges of academic life.

How it works:

  • Engage in one-on-one work with a Learning Strategist specially trained to support you in setting, meeting, and evaluating academic goals.
  • Build personalized strategies you can apply across your courses, including strategies for time management, reading, writing, test preparation, and notetaking.
  • Investigate learning practices that support your success.
  • Email for more information.

Student testimonials

The Learning Strategist Program has been essential to my studies. It has provided the tools and techniques for my academic success as well as helping me to understand and manage my learning difficulties.
My strategist excelled at identifying my learning needs. Even though I knew I was struggling in certain areas, I couldn’t always identify what was needed to overcome the problem.
At the risk of sounding cliché, working with a learning strategist changed my life. This program (and my strategist) provided me with skills that significantly reduced my stress and anxiety related to my graduate coursework – especially in writing academic essays.
Having a Learning Strategist helped me develop a study system that works for me and also kept me on task.