Change your program

We understand that sometimes, plans change.  This might mean adding a minor or concentration to your degree, or it might mean a wholesale change of program, or even degree or faculty.  That's ok! Until you graduate, we will accept program change requests.  Changes to your program will obviously mean changes to requirements, so please be sure that you are carefully reviewing your CAPP report and checking in with us if there is anything you are unsure about.

So how do I make a change?

Changing to a major program or switching between major programs in Humanities, Science or Social Sciences

Program declaration and program change requests are submitted online at You will be directed to log on to your MyPage account, where you will select Grades and Records, followed by Program Declaration or Change. You will then follow the guided steps to submit your request.

Please note: If you are declaring a program in the Faculty of Science and are coming from another faculty you must ensure that you meet the entrance requirements for Science prior to submitting your request.

Applying to an honours program in Humanities, Science or Social Sciences

If you are interested in an honours program, you can review the requirements in the academic calendar.  Honours programs require additional coursework and/or grade requirements. 

Each department in Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences has an honours adviser.  You can direct questions about applying to honours, completion of the honours requirements, or the benefits of the honours program, to these advisers. 

Applying to a major or honours program in a different faculty

Changing your program to a major or honours in another faculty

If you are planning to switch out of Humanities, Science, or Social Sciences and into another faculty, you will need to review the entrance requirements for that program or faculty to ensure that you are eligible.  We strongly recommend that you contact the adviser for the program of interest well in advance of your intended program change. 

Adding a major or honours program in another faculty

If you are planning to add a second major or honours program to your degree, but are intending to stay in Humanities, Science, or Social Science, you will need to complete an interfaculty program change request.  This request will go through the Advising Centre.  You can submit your request using DeclareMe, but will need to manually type in the second major in the notes field.  Only programs in our three faculties are available in the drop-down menu of DeclareMe. 

Adding or removing a minor, option or concentration

To add or remove an optional program (minor, concentration, option), you can submit a request online using DeclareMe.

Adding or removing a diploma or certificate

To add or remove a diploma or certificate, you can submit a request via DeclareMe. Currently, DeclareMe does not have the diploma or certificate programs in the drop-down menu, so you can simply submit a program change request that mirrors your currently declared program, noting your intended diploma or certificate addition in the comments. 

To remove a diploma or certificate, you can simply submit a change request which omits the certificate or diploma.  

You can only submit one declaration or program change request per term, so if you need to adjust your program within that time frame, please come in to the Advising Centre in person so that we can assist you.