Plan for what's next

A job you love right after graduation?  Another degree or designation?  Both? Planning what to study for your undergrad requires that you think about what might be coming up next for you. Think about how you might gain the skills and experience along the way that will set you up for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. 

So what should I be thinking about?

Prepare for a professional designation

Registered Professional Forester (RPF).  Medical Doctor (MD).  Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio).  Certified Management Accountant (CMA).   There are many professional designations available, and depending on your career plans, a professional program and/or designation may be one of the avenues that you'll pursue as you map out your education. 

We've complied some resources to help you with your research and planning. While this is not an exhaustive list, it does contain information on many of the professional programs and designations that UVic students have been interested in.  If you think we've missed something important, let us know - we are always happy to expand our resources.  

The list is on the far-right tab of our Program Planning table.   

Plan for graduate school

If a graduate degree is something that you are considering, it's never too early to start looking at programs and starting to build an understanding of what might be required for your next step.  UVic offers many options for pursuing a graduate program.  There are also many options at other post-secondary instiutitons in Canada and elsewhere.

If you are currently studying at UVic, it's a good place to start your research into graduate school.  Even if you don't end up pursuing a degree here, you can get an understanding of how graduate programs work and can ask graduate advisers questions in person. 

Graduate Studies at UVic

Work towards a job (and a career)

To learn more about career planning, career workshops, resume and cover letter preparation, job market analysis, and for one-on-one career support, we encourage you to visit UVic Career Services.

For specific information about what jobs and careers are available for your chosen academic area, check out the "What Can You Do With Your Degree In" resources created by Career Services.  We've added them to our Program Planning page; you can find them linked to each area of study. 

Career educators can work with you to explore options, make choices and develop plans. Visit Career Services to find out how to make an appointment.