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Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology (BIOC)

Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology
University of Victoria
Petch Building 207
Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology
Petch Buildng Room 207
Ring Road
Victoria, BC
Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-7077 PCH 207
FAX 250-721-8855
Chair Perry Howard 250-721-7077 PCH 207
Administrative Officer Kimberley Politano 250-721-8887 PCH 207
Chair's Assistant Melinda Powell 250-721-7077 PCH 207
Graduate Program Assistant Kaleigh Giles 250-721-8861 PCH 207
Co-op Coordinator Heather Croft BWC A 237
Co-op Assistant Jessica Abriel 250-472-4800 PCH 185
Senior Laboratory Instructor Stephen Redpath 250-721-7076 PCH 179a
Senior Laboratory Instructor Adrienne White 250-472-4251 PCH 179c
Biotechnical Support Services Scott Scholz 250-721-6566 PCH 257
Science Stores 250-721-8853 PCH 168
UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre 250-483-3226
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Nika Abramova
Javier Alfaro
Juan Ausio 250-721-8863 (campus local: 8863)
Catherine Bachewich
Matthew Bonderud
Alisdair Boraston 250-472-4168 (campus local: 4168)
Martin Boulanger 250-721-7072 (campus local: 7072)
Douglas Briant 250-472-4458 (campus local: 4458)
John Burke 250-721-8732 (campus local: 8732)
Ellen Busby 250-721-6504 (campus local: 6504)
Caroline Cameron 250-853-3189 (campus local: 3189)
Jennifer Cobb
Ellika Crichton
Mary Anne Cunningham
Lauren Davey
Anna Dema
Ashley Deventer
Kesia Dias
Monica Elliott
Ryan Erdman
Stephen Evans 250-472-4548 (campus local: 4548)
Emma Field
Courtney Gauthier
Kaleigh Giles 250-721-8861 (campus local: 8861)
Mariya Goncheva
David Goodlett
Emma Groenwold
Ryan Guagliano
Ayman Haimour
Alison Hamer
Noah Harris
Caren Helbing 250-721-6146 (campus local: 6146)
Tara Hill
Jo Hobbs
Stephen Horak 250-721-6093 (campus local: 6093)
Simon Houston 250-853-3190 (campus local: 3190)
Perry Howard 250-721-7068 (campus local: 7068)
Jacob Imbery
Abrar Jawad
Meredith Jenkins
Ladan Kalani
Janice Keliher 250-721-6505 (campus local: 6505)
Valerie Kerr 250-472-5119 (campus local: 5119)
Cindy Kim
Liam LaFleur
Camellia Lam
Jenna Lane
Andrew Leung
Louie Lopez
Julian Lum
Martine Lunke
Kathryn Machin
Allison Maffey 250-721-6504 (campus local: 6504)
Sarah McPhedran
Liam Mihalynuk
Aditya Mojumdar
Jessica Morgan
Francis Nano 250-721-7074 (campus local: 7074)
Linda Nartey
Brad Nelson
Chris Nelson 250-853-3889 (campus local: 3889)
Loc Ngo
Monica Palcic 250-721-8945 (campus local: 8945)
Matthew Parson
Terry Pearson 250-896-1946
Fangni Peng
Benjamin Pluvinage
Kimberley Politano 250-721-8887 (campus local: 8887)
Melinda Powell 250-721-7077 (campus local: 7077)
Bita Raeisi
Akash Ranasinghe
Stephen Redpath
Bo Ren
Yilin Ren
Lisa Reynolds 250-721-6658 (campus local: 6658)
Scott Scholz 250-721-6566 (campus local: 6566)
Scott Selleck
Claire Stevens
Sushant Suresh
Anita A. Thambirajah
Alloysius Thomas 250-853-3190 (campus local: 3190)
Lexie Thompson
Vanessa Thompson
Stephen Tuffs
Erika Wall 250-472-5119 (campus local: 5119)
Peter Watson
Charmaine Wetherell 250-721-8880 (campus local: 8880)
Adrienne White 250-472-4251 (campus local: 4251)
Juncong Yang

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