Aboard the Nautilus

Join UVic Physics and Astronomy professor Jon Willis as he ships out on the Nautilus on June 6th for a three week science cruise in support of Ocean Networks Canada’s 2017 Wiring the Abyss expedition.

The Nautilus is an ocean-going research vessel operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust and professor Willis will be joining them as a science communication fellow.

Follow the entire expedition at nautiluslive.org - here you can follow the live video and audio feeds, post questions and receive answers direct from the crew and scientists aboard.

One of the main highlights of the expedition will be a visit to the Endeavour deep sea hydrothermal vent system to perform observations and install scientific instruments. Endeavour is one of the world’s best known examples of a “black smoker” hydrothermal vent and is located just 300km off the coast of Vancouver Island.