Canada funds significant contribution to the Thirty Meter Telescope

This story was originally published in 2015. On July 23, 2019, UVic issued a statement on the TMT project on Mauna Kea.

The federal government recently approved Canada's $243M contribution to become a full partner in the international Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) project to built on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. UVic astronomers, and in particular several adjunct faculty based at NRC Herzberg in Saanich, are deeply involved in many technical aspects of this endeavour. For example, Luc Simard is the TMT Science Instruments Group Leader, David Andersen is the project scientist for the NFIRAOS facility, while Tim Davidge, Christian Marois, Alan McConnachie, Julio Navarro, and Kim Venn are members of the International Science Development Teams. The NFIRAOS (Narrow Field Infrared Adaptive Optics System) instrument is a multi-conjugate adaptive optics system to be built at NRC Herzberg, and will be at the very heart of the TMT to focus light and correct for atmospheric distortions. This system will permit the TMT to peer deep into the cosmos to  witness the birth of the first stars and galaxies and to search for biomarkers in the atmospheres of exoplanets.

A link to the announcement by Prime Minister Harper:

An overview is provided by this article in the Globe and Mail: