Seminar archive

Spring 2021

Date Speaker

January 11

Virtual seminar

Vy Dong, University of California, Irvine  
Choose Your Own Adventure in Metal Hydride Catalysis 
Host: Jon Sader
2020-2021 Merck Lecturer

January 18

Virtual seminar

Dennis Hore, University of Victoria 
Molecular structure at surfaces 
Host: Alex Brolo

February 1

Virtual seminar

David Sinton, University of Toronto 
Electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to renewable fuels and chemicals  
Host: Alex Brolo

February 8

Virtual seminar

David Harrington, University of Victoria
Electrooxidation and Dissolution of Pt
Host: Dennis Hore

February 17

Virtual event

Graduate Student Research Day

February 22

Virtual seminar

Lisa Willis, University of Alberta
Developing new biochemical tools to study cancer biology
Host: Fraser Hof

March 1

Virtual seminar

Eric Derrah, Dycar Pharmaceuticals
... And Now I Work in Cannabis
Host: Lisa Rosenberg

March 8

Virtual seminar

Alison Narayan, University of Michigan
Biocatalysis and complex molecule synthesis
Host: Jeremy Wulff

March 15

Virtual seminar

Alison Flynn, University of Ottawa
Studies on student learning in an organic chemistry curriculum designed to deepen understanding of reactivity and chemistry principles
Host: Violeta Iosub

March 22

Virtual seminar

Jean-Francois Morin, Université Laval
Bottom-Up Synthesis of Well-Defined Graphene Nanoribbons and Nanographenes: From Unprecendented Molecules to Electronic Materials
Host: Makhsud Saidaminov

March 29

Virtual seminar

Russ Algar, UBC
The Right Tool for the Job: Optimum Fluorescent Materials and Bioconjugates for Smartphone-based Bioanalysis
Host: Alivia Wang

April 8

Virtual seminar

Yunjie Xu, University of Alberta
Molecular spectroscopy of chirality recognition/transfer/amplification: fundamental and practical advances
Host: Dave Leitch

Fall 2020

Date Speaker

September 14

Virtual seminar

Zhenan Bao, Stanford University
Skin-inspired organic electronics
Host: Liting Bi

September 21

Virtual seminar

Sophie Rousseaux, University of Toronto
New Strategies for the Synthesis and Functionalization of Cyclopropanols and Nitriles
Host: Jeremy Wulff

September 28

Virtual seminar

Erin Johnson, Dalhousie University
Dispersion Interactions in DFT and Application to Molecular Crystal-Structure Prediction
Host: Irina Paci
2020-2021 Xerox Lecturer

October 5

Virtual seminar

Stacey Wetmore, University of Lethbridge
The Chemistry of Modified Nucleic Acids: A Computational Approach
Host: Irina Paci

October 19

Virtual seminar

Prashant Kamat, University of Notre Dame
Revealing the Mystery of Halide Ion Mobility in Metal Halide Perovskites
Host: Matt Moffitt

October 26

Virtual seminar

Zohrab Ahmadi, Econotech Services
From Oil Sands to Pulp, Paper and Biomass: Chemistry the Common Thread
Host: Scott McIndoe

November 2

Virtual seminar

Fred Menard, UBC Okanagan
Chemical tools to study synaptic plasticity
Host: Jeremy Wulff

November 10

Virtual event

Graduate Student Research Day

November 16

Virtual seminar

Jeffrey Moore, University of Illinois
Polymeric Materials for Lifecycle Control
Host: Tong Li

November 23

Virtual seminar

Gilbert Walker, University of Toronto
Chemical Imaging at Nanoscale
Host: Dennis Hore

November 30

Virtual seminar

Rachel O'Reilly, University of Birmingham
Redesigning the world of polymers
Host: Ian Manners
2020-2021 Dow Lecturer

Spring 2020

Date Speaker
January 9

Fraser Hof, University of Victoria  
Bio-supramolecular chemistry: recognition, assembly, disassembly, and sensing in warm salty water  
Host: Alok Shaurya

January 13

Frederic Menard, UBC Okanagan - Cancelled

January 20

Rebekka Klausen, Johns Hopkins University  
Functional Polymers from the Main Group 
Host: Ian Manners
2020 Xerox Lecturer

January 27

Helen Mitchell, Merck  
Resource Sharing Approaches to Accelerate Drug Discovery at Merck
Host: Jeremy Wulff

February 3

Susanne Riegel, Nanalysis Scientific  
Commercialization of Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy: Method Development and Validation
Host: Scott McIndoe

February 10

Steen Schougaard, Université du Québec à Montréal
Lithium-ion batteries - can we predict (long term) performance?
Host: David Harrington

February 18

Graduate Student Research Day

February 24

Cornelia Bohne, University of Victoria
Supramolecular Dynamics: Understanding Complexity using Cucurbit[n]uril Host-Guest Systems
Host: Sree Talluri

March 2

Jennifer Heemstra, Emory University  
Interrogating enzymatic reactions using nucleic acid molecular recognition and assembly  
Host: Cornelia Bohne

March 9

Graham Dobereiner, Temple University  
Additive and Counterion Effects in Organotransition Metal Chemistry
Host: Dave Leitch

March 16

Stacey Wetmore, University of Lethbridge - Cancelled

March 23
Sabine Kuss, University of Manitoba - Cancelled
March 30
Vy Dong, University of California, Irvine - Cancelled

Fall 2019

Date Speaker
September 9

Ruth Signorell, ETH Zurich
Spectroscopy of submicron-sized aerosol droplets
Host: Katherine Elvira

September 23

Mita Dasog, Dalhousie University
Synthesis and Application of Plasmonic Metal Nitride Nanostructures
Host: Alex Brolo

September 30

Patrick Kolsch, Spectra-Physics Lasers
Ultrafast Lasers and their Applications in Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Host: Dennis Hore

October 7

Paul Walton, University of York
Spectroscopic characterisation of a long-lived copper(II)-tyrosyl in lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases
Host: Lisa Rosenberg
2019 Dow Lecturer

October 21

Francesco Paesani, University of California, San Diego
Modeling Hydration, One Molecule at a Time: Towards Realistic Computer Simulations Through Many-Body Models and Data-Driven Algorithms
Host: Dennis Hore

Tuesday October 22 Lansdowne Lecture: Bridging the Gap with Reality: Molecular-Level Computer Simulations for Water Harvesting and Purification Technologies

October 28

Sarah Styler, University of Alberta
Photochemistry and optical properties of tomorrow's urban particulate matter: implications for air quality, health, and climate
Host: Fraser Hof

November 7

Franz Geiger, Northwestern University
Energy Conversion via Metal Nanolayers
Host: Dennis Hore

November 12

Graduate Student Research Day

November 18

Dan Lehnherr, Merck
Discoveries and Mechanistic Investigations of Photochemical and Electrochemical Reactions
Host: Dave Leitch

November 25

Rebecca Jockusch, University of Toronto
New Tools and Techniques to Unravel Molecular Puzzles
Host: Scott McIndoe

December 2

Lars Konermann, Western University - Cancelled

Spring 2019

Date Speaker
January 7

Ian Tonks, University of Minnesota 2019 DOW Lecturer  
Ti-Catalyzed Nitrene Transfer Reactions: Harnessing the TiII/TiIV Redox Couple for New Transformations  
Host: Scott McIndoe

January 14

Ian Burgess, University of Saskatchewan  
Attenuated Total Reflectance Surface Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy  
Host: Dennis Hore

January 24

Alex Radosevich, MIT  
Geometric Deformation in the Design of Organophosphorus Catalysts 
Host: Lisa Rosenberg

January 31

Warren Chan, University of Toronto 
Complexities of delivering nanoparticles into solid tumors 
Host: Bruno Guilherme da Fonseca

February 4

Jesse Greener, Laval University 
Microfluidic bioanalytical systems for spectroscopic and electrochemical studies of new "living" biomaterials 
Host: Dennis Hore

February 14

Gregory Adam, Merck 
Pharmacology at Merck and case studies in lead identification: PCSK9 and proteases 
Host: Fraser Hof

February 20

Graduate Student Research Day
BWC B150 and lobby

February 25

Eugenia Kumacheva, University of Toronto 
Bridging the gap between molecules and nanoparticles 
Host: Matt Moffitt

March 4

Jan Weigand, Technical University of Dresden  
Phosphorus Chemistry 2.0 
Host: Neil Burford

March 7

Eric Price, University of Saskatchewan 
Synergistic Use of EXAFS Spectroscopy and DFT Computations to Optimize the Design and Evaluation of Radiometal Chelators 
Host: Matt Moffitt

March 13
7:30 p.m.

Karen Wooley, Texas A&M University  Lansdowne Lecture
Functional Polymer Materials Designed for Advanced Applications and Sustainability
Host:  Robin Hicks

March 14

Karen Wooley, Texas A&M University
The Development of Synthetic Methodologies for the Transformation of Regiochemically- and Stereochemically-diverse Natural Products into Functional Polymer Systems
Host:  Alex Brolo

March 18

Mircea Dinca, MIT
Teaching Sponges New Tricks: Catalysis and Charge Transport in Microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks
Host: Robin Hicks
March 25

Jose Moran-Mirabal, McMaster University
Micro- and nanostructured materials: from stretchable gold to “green materials” for tissue engineering
Host:  Dennis Hore

Fall 2018

Date Speaker
September 10

Joe Gilroy, Western University - Molecular and Macromolecular Materials Derived from Boron Difluoride Formazanates  Host: Robin Hicks

September 17

Michael Gerken, University of Lethbridge  The Chemistry of SF4 and the Structure of Protonated Carbonyl Compounds Host: Lisa Rosenberg

September 24

Jen Pape, SGS Axys  SGS AXYS: Ensuring Excellence in Specialty Environmental Analysis  Host: Scott McIndoe

September 17

Sam Dagorne, University of Strasbourg  Combining N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) with oxophilic and earth-abundant metal centers: coordination chemistry, small moleculese activation and use in catalysis  Host: Lisa Rosenberg  NOT 509

October 1

Kristen Burford, Xenon Pharmaceuticals  Medicinal Chemistry at Xenon: A Selective Sodium 1.6 Channel Blocker Approach for the Potential Treatment of Epilepsy  Host: Jeremy Wulff

October 4

Oliver Wenger, Basel University  From Photoinduced Multi-Electron Transfer to New Photoactive Metal Complexes  Host: Robin Hicks  NOT 509

October 18

Pat Holland, Yale University  Nitrogen Binding and Fixation using Iron Complexes  Host: Robin Hicks

October 22

Claudia Turro, Ohio State University  2018 Merck Lecturer  Targeting Cancer with Transition Metal Complexes: From Basic Science Toward Therapy  Host: Natia Frank

October 29

Dwight Seferos, University of Toronto  2018 Xerox Lecturer  Advances in Polymer Semiconductors and Energy Storage Devices  Host: Robin Hicks

November 5

Hanadi Sleiman, McGill University  DNA Nanostructures for Cellular Delivery of Therapeutics  Host: Fraser Hof

November 8

Ilya Zharov, University of Utah  Functional nanoporous materials from "hairy" nanoparticle building blocks  Host: Matt Moffitt  NOT 509

November 13

Graduate Student Research Day

November 16

William Lubell, University of Montreal  Synthesis of Heterocyclic Turn Mimics for Allosteric Receptor Modulation in Biomedical Applications  Host: Jeremy Wulff  NOT 509

November 29

Gino DiLabio, UBC Okanagan  How do radical enzymes control their highly-reactive intermediates?  Host: Jeremy Wulff  NOT 509

November 26

Chris Gill, Vancouver Island University  Advances and Applications of Direct Mass Spectrometry  Host: Scott McIndoe

December 3

Scott McIndoe, University of Victoria  Building and Designing in the World's Finest Workshop

Spring 2018

Thursday March 29 Scott WolkenbergMerck Two approaches to reverse HIV latency: histone deacetylase and farnesyltransferase inhibition Host: Fraser Hof
Thursday April 5 Janine Mauzeroll, McGill University The Wonderful World of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) Host: Alex Brolo

April 16

Ingo Krossing, University of Freiburg - Elliott 228 Stabilization of Reactive Cations by Large and Weakly Coordinating Anions Host: Neil Burford NOT CHEM 509

Date Speaker
Monday January 8 Thomas Hoye, University of Minnesota The (ongoing) evolution of the hexadehydro-Diels-Alder (HDDA) reaction Host: Andy Un
Monday January 15 Paul Ragogna, Western University An examination of phosphinidene chalcogenide chemistry: Versatile low coordinate P(III) units  Host: Neil Burford
Monday January 22 Michael Campbell, Lakehead University Application of Solid Phase Synthesis to Radiochemistry and Other Tales of an Accidental Radiochemist Host: Peter Wan
Monday January 29

CHEM 509 Discussion for Grad Students (attendance mandatory)

Monday February 5 Shana Kelley, University of Toronto Profiling Cells Inside and Out Using Nanostructured Materials Host: Natia Frank
Thursday February 15 Graduate Student Research Day
Monday February 19 Tim Swager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dynamic Droplets Host: Robin Hicks
Monday February 26 Mario Bieringer, University of Manitoba Keeping Things Moving - From Bottleneck to Bottleneck! Oxide ion conductors for solid oxide fuel cell applications Host: Lisa Rosenberg
Monday March 5 John Murphy, University of Strathclyde Redox Processes with Organic Reagents Host: Nicholas Richard
Monday March 12 Alex Adronov, McMaster University Developing New Polymers for Selective Interactions with Carbon Nanotubes Host: Natia Frank
Monday March 26 Emily Weiss, Northwestern University Photocatalysis of Fuel-forming Reactions Enhanced by Energy and Charge Funneling within Colloidal Assemblies Host: Natia Frank

Fall 2017

Date Speaker
Thursday September 7 Equity and Human Rights Presentation and Discussion for Grad Students (attendance mandatory) Location:  Elliott 226
Monday September 11 CHEM 509 Introduction for Grad Students (attendance mandatory) Location:  Elliott 062
Thursday September 14 Mark Taylor, University of Toronto Noncovalent and Reversible Covalent Interactions: Fundamental Studies and New Applications Host: Fraser Hof
Monday September 18 Allan East, University of Regina Modelling Solvated Systems Host: Irina Paci
Monday September 25 Allan HendryNorth Robotics Modular Robotics for Laboratory Automation Host: Scott McIndoe
Monday October 2 Charlie Campbell, University of Washington Transition metal catalysts for energy technologies: Pathways to catalyst design Host: David Harrington
Thursday October 12 Emma GunsThe Prostate Centre Natural Ligands: Ginseng and Vitamin D Working Together to Prevent and Treat Prostate Cancer Host: Jeremy Wulff
Monday October 16 Seth Brown, University of Notre Dame The Oxidation State and its Discontents Host: Robin Hicks
Thursday November 2 John Walmsley, Starfish Medical Scientist amongst Engineers: A Career in Product Development Host: Dennis Hore
Monday November 6 Laurel Schafer, UBC From Molecules to Materials - Sustainable Approaches for Amine Synthesis Featuring Early Transition Metal Catalysis Host: Robin Hicks
November 14 Graduate Student Research Day 
Monday November 20 Christina Bottaro, Memorial University Enviroanalysis using Smart Polymers: Skipping Chromatography and the Complexities of Molecular Imprinting Host: Chris Gill
Thursday November 23 Sandy Briggs - NOT CHEM 509 Two Expeditions in One: Hiking and Rafting in the Northwest Territories; Skiing in Nunavut (Boothia Penninsula)
Monday November 27 Sara Eisler, University of New Brunswick Synthesis, Cyclizations and Switches: Controlling Regiochemistry and Molecular Motion in ∏-Extended Heterocycles Host: Fraser Hof

Spring 2017

Date Speaker
Mon. Jan. 16 Thomas Baumgartner, University of Calgary Strongly Electron-Accepting, Phosphorus-bridged Viologens - From Synthesis to Applications Host: Neil Burford
Mon. Jan. 23 Cathleen Crudden, Queen's University Metal catalysts, clusters and surfaces: From the synthesis of chiral bio-molecules to carbon-based self assembled monolayers. Host: Robin Hicks
Mon. Jan. 30 David Stuart, Portland State University Exploring Divergent Reactivity of Diaryliodonium Salts for Metal-Free Arylation Reactions Host: Scott McIndoe
Fri. Feb. 3 Hicham Fenniri, Northeastern University Engineering Function in Supramolecular Nanomaterials Host: Tom Fyles Location:  CLE D134
Mon. Feb. 6 Christopher Jones, Georgia Tech Title TBC Host: Scott McIndoe
Thur. Feb. 16 Graduate Student Research Day Details to be confirmed in January
Mon. Feb. 20 Ariel Louwrier, Stressmarq Biotech Startups - Life, Risk and Everything Host: Fraser Hof
Mon. Feb. 27 Paul Chirik, Princeton University Catalysis with Earth Abundant Metals Host: Robin Hicks
Mon. Mar. 6 Lüis Campos, Columbia University Thiophene Rust in Single-Molecule Electronics and Singlet Fission Host: Cornelia Bohne
Thurs. Mar. 16 Mario Leclerc, Université Laval Green Chemistry for Green Energy Host: Matt Moffitt
Mon. Mar. 20 Philip Power, University of California, Davis Interactions of Olefins, Alkynes and Related Molecules with Heavier Main Group Hydrides and Multiple Bonded Species Host: Paul Gray

Mon. Mar. 27

Rylan Lundgren, University of Alberta Copper-Mediated Oxidative Cross-Coupling Reactions of Carbon Nucleophiles Host: Neil Burford
Mon. Apr. 3 Christa Brosseau, Saint Mary's University Adventures in Plasmonics: Sensing to Sustainability Host: Alex Brolo
Thurs. Apr. 6 Charles Stone, Eon Consultants The Rise and Shutterings of Ballard Power Systems - A Business Odyssey Host: Lisa Rosenberg
Fri. Apr. 21 Graham Bodwell, Memorial University  [n]Cyclophanes as Stepping Stones on the Way to Aromatic Belts and Warped Nanographenophanes Host: Tom Fyles Location:  MAC D110
Wed. June 7 Adam Bergren and Andrew Myles, National Institute for Nanotechnology From Fundamental Science to Rock and Roll: The Heisenberg Molecular Overdrive Host: Fraser Hof Location:  ELL 226
Mon. June 19 Carlos Romero-Nieto, University of Heidelberg Novel phosphaphenalene derivatives: en route towards a new generation of multifunctional organophosphorus materials  Host: Neil Burford Location:  ELL 226

Fall 2016

Date Speaker
Thur. Sep. 8

Kirsten Wolthers, University of British Columbia, Okanagan Initiating and Controlling Radical Chemistry in Coenzyme B12-dependent Mutases Host: Neil Burford

Mon. Sep. 12 Graduate student Chem 509 introduction
Thur. Sep. 15 Curtis Berlinguette, University of British Columbia Solar Chemistry at the Interface Host: Robin Hicks
Mon. Sep. 19 Jean-François Paquin, Université Laval Exploration and Some Discoveries in Organofluorine Chemistry Host: Jeremy Wulff
Thur. Sep. 22 Rhett Kempe, Universität Bayreuth Catalysts for a more sustainable chemistry Host: Neil Burford
Mon. Oct. 3 Edith (Phoebe) Glazer, University of Kentucky Developing a research platform for the discovery of cytotoxic metal complexes Host: Genevieve Boice
Thur. Oct. 13 Miguel Garcia-Garibay, University of California, Los Angeles Control of Chemical Reactivity and Rotational Dynamics: Applications in the Construction of Molecular Machines Host: Peter Wan
Mon. Oct. 17 Belinda Heyne, University of Calgary From tuning aggregation to amplifying singlet oxygen: a photochemist approach Host: Alex Brolo
Mon. Oct. 24 Ken Dill, Stony Brook University How cell behaviors are encoded in the physical chemistry of the proteome Host: Fraser Hof

Thurs. Oct. 27

Preston Chase, GreenCentre Canada Development and Commercial Application of Novel Catalyst and Green Solvent Technologies Host: Robin Hicks
Mon. Oct. 31 David Rabuka, Catalent Biologics Translating technology from the bench top to the clinic, the story of Redwood Bioscience Host: Tom Fyles
Mon. Nov. 7 Richard Layfield, University of Manchester From Molecular Magnets to Catalytic Transformations of Main Group Substrates Host: Neil Burford
Wed. Nov. 9 Graduate Student Research Day 
Mon. Nov. 14 Elizabeth Gillies, University of Western Ontario Controlling end-to-end depolymerization: new polymer backbones, mechanisms and applications Host: Matt Moffitt
Mon. Nov. 21 Gonzalo Cosa, McGill University Visualising Chemistry at the Single Molecule Level Host: Cornelia Bohne
Mon. Nov. 28 Paul Wiseman, McGill University Mapping protein dynamics and interactions in podosomes in living cells with image correlation spectroscopy Host: Natia Frank
Mon. Dec. 5 Andreea Schmitzer, Université de Montréal Controlable transmembrane transport processes and their biological applications  Host: Cornelia Bohne

Spring 2016

Date Speaker
Jan. 7
Robert Gomez, Inception Sciences Canada
Evolution of a Next Generation, Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor for the Treatment of HIV
Jan. 14
Françoise Winnik, Université de Montréal & National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
Tailor-cut polymer colloids and interfaces: from design to applications
Jan. 18
David Palmer, University of Saskatchewan
Hitting an antibacterial target where it hurts – design, synthesis, and enzymology
Jan. 25
Steven Boxer, Stanford University
Vibrational Stark Spectroscopy Connects Electrostatics to Catalytic Rates at Enzyme Active Sites
Feb. 1
Feb 9
Graduate Student Research Day
-click here for schedule and other details-
Feb. 15
Robert FroeseThe Dow Chemical Company
Mechanistic Aspects of the Hydroformylation of Olefins
Feb. 18
Jennifer Dubois, Montana State University
Tales of the tetrapyrrole: making, breaking, and using heme
Feb. 22
Felix Castellano, North Carolina State University
Photochemical Upconversion: Molecules, Materials, and New Frontiers
Feb. 29
Joe Hupp, Northwestern University
Metal-Organic Frameworks for Energy Applications
Mar. 3
René Boeré, University of Lethbridge
Stable and Persistent Group 15 Element  R3E+• Radical Cations: Electrochemistry and EPR Spectroscopy
Mar. 7
Philip Britz-McKibbin, McMaster University
Chemical Separations for Metabolomics: New Advances in Biomarker Discovery for Population Health
Mar. 14
Björn Reinhard, Boston University
Plasmonic Coupling in Sensing and Imaging: Fundamentals and Selected Case Studies
Mar. 21
Paul Cremer, Penn State University
Metallomembranes: Exploring the Interactions of Copper Ions with Lipid Membranes
Mar. 31
Taekjip Ha, Johns Hopkins University
Investigating how molecules come to life using advanced single molecule fluorescence techniques
Apr. 4
Guy Lloyd-Jones, University of Edinburgh
2B or not 2B, and other mix-ups

Fall 2015

Date Speaker
Sep. 10
Mengxiu Zheng, University of Victoria
Does microfluidic mixing produce vesicles from natural and synthetic lipids?
Sep. 14
Takuzo Aida, The Unviersity of Tokyo
Stimuli-Responsive Soft Matters towards Artificial Intelligence
Sep. 21
Carlos Bustamante, University of California, Berkeley
Division of Labor Among the Subunits of a Highly Coordinated Ring ATPase
Sep. 28
Christopher Yip, University of Toronto
Re-Imagining Imaging: Doing More With Less
Oct. 5
Ratmir Derda, University of Alberta
Discovery of Functional Ligands from Genetically-Encoded Libraries of Peptide Derivatives
Oct. 15
Jennifer Love, UBC
Developing Catalytic Reactions One Step at a Time
Oct. 19
Stephen Craig, Duke University
Covalent Mechanochemistry for New Reactions, Self-healing Materials, and Soft Devices
Oct. 22
Wei Li, University of Victoria
Two supramolecular methods for detecting a cancer metabolite
Oct. 26
Holger Braunschweig, University of Würzburg
Transfer, Metathesis and Catenation: Reactivity Patterns Emerging from Borylenecomplexes
Nov. 5
Karen Goldberg, University of Washington
Catalysis, Mechanistic Understanding and Collaboration as Tools to Sustainable Production of Chemicals and Fuels
Nov. 10
Graduate Student Research Day
-click here for schedule and other details-
Nov. 16
Mathieu Lessard-Viger, University of California San Diego
Exploiting Nanomaterial Disassembly for Biomedical Applications
Nov. 19
Katherine Elvira, ETH Zürich
Exploring the boundaries: hard science in simple structures
Nov. 23
Vlad Iluc, Notre Dame University
Secondary Metal-Ligand Interactions: C-H Activation and Metal-Carbon Multiple Bonding in Palladium Carbene Complexes

Nov. 24

Jane Stockmann, Université Paris Diderot
Interfacial Electrochemistry
Nov. 30
Aaron  Wheeler, University of Toronto
Digital Microfluidics for Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine
Dec. 3
Drew Marquardt, University of Graz
Stress-Free Asymmetric Lipid Vesicles for Sub-nanometer Structural Investigation
Dec. 7
Alison Thompson, Dalhousie University
Adventures with pyrroles: one, two, three!

 Spring 2015

Date Speaker
Jan. 8
Paul Covert, University of Victoria
Gaining geochemical perspective through nonlinear optical methods
Jan. 12
John Yates, The Scripps Research Institute
Understanding Disease using Mass Spectrometry
Jan. 19
Clark Landis, University of Wisconsin, Madison
New Methods for Efficient Study of Catalytic Reactions
Jan. 22
Abby Xu, University of Victoria
Block copolymer micellization on microfluidic reactors
Jan. 26
Geraldine Richmond, University of Oregon
Calming the Seas but not the Science: Molecular Assembly at Oil-Water Interfaces
Feb. 2
Michael Freund, University of Manitoba
Manipulating Conjugated Polymer Structure and Chemistry: Creating Active Materials for Applications in Electronics, Sensing and Energy Storage/Conversion
Feb. 5
Stephanie Bonvicini, University of Victoria
Lanthanide-Based Nanoparticles for Use in Various Applications
Feb. 16
Robin Theron, University of Victoria
Investigating Homogenous Catalysis by realtime Mass Spectrometry-Infrared Spectroscopy
Feb. 19
Chakri Simhadri,University of Victoria
Antagonists and photoaffinity probes of epigenetic reader protein CBX7
Feb. 23
Kyoko Nozaki, University of Tokyo
Development of new catalytic reactions toward utilization of renewable resources
Feb. 26
Brian Coleman, University of Victoria
Block Co-Polymer Mimetic Self-Assembly of Inorganic Nanoparticles
Mar. 2
Mitchell Albert, Lakehead University
Hyperpolarized Gas MRI and HP Xenon Biosensor MRI for the Study of Physiological and Molecular Function
Mar. 5
Mehraveh Seyedalikhani, University of Victoria
Characterization of binding of a small guest molecule with a biocompatible gel system
Mar. 9
Theodore Betley, Harvard University
Radical frontiers in catalysis
Mar. 12
Kyle Duncan, University of Victoria
Development and application of condensed phase membrane introduction mass spectrometry
Mar. 16
Rob Corn, University of California Irvine
Nanotextured Surfaces and On-Chip Biosynthesis: Smart Materials and Smart Chemistries for Advanced Optical Biosensors and Biomimetic Devices
Mar. 19
Suma Thomas, University of Victoria
Dynamics of complexation for small guest molecules with cucurbiturils and octa acid capsules
Mar. 23
Arun Ghosh, Purdue University
Natural Product-inspired Molecular Design Targeting HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease
Mar. 26
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Neal Anderson,
Anderson's Process Solutions
Looking Ahead from Academia to Pharma
Mar. 30
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Stephen Campbell,
Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.
A career in fuel cell research

Apr. 9

Hiroaki Suga, University of Tokyo
A RaPID way to discover pseudo-natural products and peptides for therapeutic applications

Apr. 13

Mike Meanwell, University of Victoria
Synthetic lipids for drug delivery applications

Apr. 16

Genevieve Boice, University of Victoria
When Chemistry Gives You Lemons, Remember They Go Well with Vodka:  Thioindigo Diimines and Related Compounds.

Apr. 20

Corey Sanz, University of Victoria
A Radical Perspective on Palladium: Ligand-Centered Redox Chemistry

May 21

Richard Schrock, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
My Role in Elucidating the Catalytic Reaction that led to a Nobel Prize in 2005

Fall 2014

Date Speaker
Sept. 8
David Ginger, University of Washington
Probing and Pulling: From Polymer Solar Cells to Photoswitchable DNA Nanoparticles
Sept. 15
Marc Hillmyer, University of Minnesota
Sustainable block polymers: sophisticated materials from natural feedstocks
Sept. 25
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Matthew Henderson
, Fusion Technology Inc.
Bridging the gap from grad school to industry: what I've learned along the way
Sept. 29
Ken Raymond, University of California Berkeley
Confinement and Catalysis in Chiral, Self-Assembled, Nanoscale Flasks
Oct. 6
Chris Braddock, Imperial College
Studies on Halogenated Marine Natural Products as inspired by their Probable Biogenesis
Oct. 16
Tomislav Friscic, McGill University
Cleaner and Greener Synthesis of Molecules and Materials Inspired by Concepts of Mechanochemistry & Biogeochemistry
Oct. 20
Chang-Chun Ling, University of Calgary
Cyclodextrin-based polyvalent systems for studying biological interactions
Oct. 23
Paria Parvizi, University of Victoria
Structure-based prediction of gene transfection by pyridinium lipids
Oct. 27
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
David Powell, Inception Sciences Canada
Challenges in Pharmaceutical Research: The Development of Liver-Targeted Molecules for the Treatment of Diabetes
Oct. 30
Drew Bennett, University of Waterloo
Thermodynamics of saturated to unsaturated phospholipid exchange in membranes with cholesterol
Nov. 3
Vladimir Michaelis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
High Field Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Design, Innovation and Chemical Applications
Nov. 6
Jake Pushie, University of Saskatchewan
Illuminating Health Research using Chemical Insight
Nov. 13
Keith Pardee, Harvard University
Paper-based Synthetic Gene Networks
Nov. 17
Theo Agapie, Caltech
Synthetic Cluster Models of Biological and Heterogeneous Oxygen Evolving Catalysts
Nov. 20
Paul Wender, Stanford University
Toward the Ideal Synthesis and Transformative Therapies for Aids, Alzheimer’s and Cancer
Nov. 24
Aman Bains, University of Victoria
Microfluidic Self-assembly of Biodegradable Block Copolymers for Drug Delivery
Nov. 27
Jieming Cao, University of Victoria
Lead-based core-shell-shell quantum dots: synthesis and characterization
Dec. 1
Nick Davy, University of Victoria/Vancouver Island University
Mobile Mass Spectrometer Development for Real-Time Quantification of Atmospheric VOCs
Dec. 4
Doug Stephan, University of Toronto
Frustrated Lewis Pair Chemistry: New Avenues in Synthesis and Metal-free Catalysis

Spring 2014

Date Speaker
Jan. 13
Jeffrey Long, UC Berkeley
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Hydrocarbon Separations in Metal-Organic Frameworks
Jan. 16
John Vederas, University of Alberta
Structures & Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Peptides from Bacillus and Related Species
Jan. 20
Christy Landes, Rice University
In Search of Concurrence between Biological and Synthetic Single Molecule Structure/Function
Jan. 23
Rhonda Stoddard, University of Victoria
Mechanistic comparisons in catalysis using PSI-ESI-MS, NMR and PowerSim
Jan. 27
Milton Wang, University of Victoria
Surface plasmon enhanced energy conversion
Feb. 6
Gavin Mitchell, University of Victoria
Stabilizing Lipids
Feb. 13
Donald Eadie , LB Foster Friction Management
Wheel / Rail Interaction and Friction Control: Technology Development for the Global Railway Industry
Feb. 17
David Masiello , University of Washington
Elucidating the Signatures of Electromagnetic Hot Spots and Fano Interferences in EELS and CL via Multiscale Electrodynamics Simulations

Feb. 27

Saurabh Chitnis, University of Victoria
Novel coordination chemistry of Antimony Cations
Mar. 3
Heather Allen, Ohio State University
Ions, lipids, and water at the air-aqueous interface: Organization and electric fields
Mar. 6
Andrew Grosvenor, University of Saskatchewan
Understanding nuclear materials using X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Mar. 12

Lansdowne Speaker Public Lecture
Cynthia Friend, Harvard University
Science as a Vehicle for Improving Quality of Life:  Examples from Catalysis

Mar. 13

Lansdowne Speaker
Cynthia Friend, Harvard University
Surface Science and Catalysis for Sustainable Chemical Synthesis:  The Power of Fundamental Understanding
Mar. 17
Tom Pinter, University of Victoria
Tetrazoles are potent ion recognition elements on a wide variety of structural scaffolds
Mar. 20
Andre Beauchemin, University of Ottawa
Synthesis of Nitrogen-Containing Molecules from Alkenes Using Metal-Free Approaches
Mar. 24
Daniel Stack, Stanford University
Advances in Our Understanding of Cu-Dioxygen Species in Biological Systems: Synthetic Complexes with Stoichiometric and Catalytic Activity

Apr. 3

Mike Brant, University of Victoria
Development of Bicyclic Neuraminidase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Influenza
Apr. 10
Peter Lee, University of Victoria
Borane-mediated Post-polymerization Modification of Poly(phenylsilane)
Apr. 17
Emma Nicholls-Allison, University of Victoria
To "Nindigo" and Beyond: The Synthesis and Characterization of New Organic Dyes


Apr. 28

Tim Kelly, University of Saskatchewan

Turning Lead Into Gold: Perovskite Solar Cells

Fri. May 30

ELL 162

Gino Lavoie, York University


Fall 2013

Date Speaker
Sept. 5
Rainer Streubel, University of Bonn
Phosphinidenoid complexes: opening new avenues for P1 building blocks
Sept. 9
Andrei Yudin, University of Toronto
Forced orthogonality in chemical synthesis
Sept. 16
Richard Zare, Stanford University
Desorption Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
Sept. 23
Peng Wu, Yeshiva University
Imaging glycans in living organisms
Sept. 26
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Daryll Harrison, Nova Chemicals
Sept. 30
Jason Hein, University of California Merced
Applications of reaction progress analysis: Mechanistic insight from continuous in situ measurements
Oct. 7
Odile Eisenstein, University of Montpellier
Computational studies and chemical complexity: The example of olefin metathesis catalysis with the Schrock alkylidene complexes
Oct. 10
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Bryce McGarvey, Imperial Oil
Research and Technology in an Industrial Petroleum Laboratory
Oct. 17
John Klassen, University of Alberta
New MS Tools for the Discovery and Characterization of Protein-Ligand Interactions
Oct. 21
Scott Kroeker, University of Manitoba
NMR Studies of Nuclear Waste Materials: Cutting Through Compositional and Morphological Complexity
Oct. 24
Kevin Daze, University of Victoria
Chemical tools that probe protein-protein interactions important in epigenetic pathways
Oct. 28
Kim Baines, Western University
Positively Fun: The Chemistry of Germanium Cations and Multiple Bonds
Nov. 4
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Scott Tanner, DVS Sciences
Cytometry and Atomic Mass Spectrometry Converge in Single Cell Deep Profiling of the Human Immune System
Nov. 7
Tahei Tahara, Riken Japan
Seeing the unseen with ultrashort optical pulses
Nov. 13
George Whitesides, Harvard University
Soft robotics
Nov. 14
Aicheng Chen, Lakehead University
Electrocatalysis and Photoelectrochemistry Based on Functional Nanomaterials
Nov. 18
Franc Meyer, University of Goettingen
Metal Centers Acting in Concert: Biomimetic Metallosites, Bioinspired Catalysts, and Beyond
Nov. 21
Graham Garnett, University of Victoria
Self-association phenomena of sulfonato calix[4]arenes
Nov. 28
Sara Tabet, University of Victoria
Supramolecular hosts that bind methylated lysines: new assays and structure-function relationships
Dec. 2
Ye Zong, University of Victoria
Voltage-dependent ion channels
Dec. 5
Nick Mosey, Queen's University
First-Principles Simulations of Tribological Processes
Dec. 9
Paul Vu, University of Victoria
Dissipative Assembly of an Ion Transport System
Dec. 12
Jingwei Luo, University of Victoria
Mechanism investigations of organometallic catalytic reactions by ESI-MS
Dec. 16
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Pete Craig, Stantec
(un)Sustainable remediation

Fall 2012

Date Speaker
Sept. 10
Hermann Gaub, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich
Force and Function: Probing and Controlling the Interactions of Individual Bio-Molecules
Sept. 20
Robert Scott, University of Saskatchewan
Designing Nanoparticles for Catalysis
Sept. 24
Rich Eisenberg, University of Rochester
Solar energy conversion and the light driven generation of hydrogen from water: New developments, strategies and results
Oct. 1
Eli Zysman-Colman, University of Sherbrooke
Illuminating Iridium : From Visual Displays to Solar Cells
Oct. 11
Tom Woo, University of Ottawa
Which MOF Is Best? New Computational Tools to Screen Metal Organic Framework Materials for Clean Energy Applications
Oct. 15
Gregory Voth, University of Chicago cancelled
Theory and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems: Surmounting the Challenge of Bridging the Scales
Oct. 22
Paul Weiss, University of California Los Angeles
Designing, Measuring, and Controlling Molecular and Supramolecular Devices
Oct. 29
Tomas Hudlicky, Brock University
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of morphine and Amaryllidaceae alkaloids and other natural products
Nov. 1
Stephen Loeb, University of Windsor
Building Dynamics into Metal-Organic Framework Materials
Nov. 5
Mark Stradiotto, Dalhousie University
Catalyst Design as a Route to More Sustainable Chemical Synthesis
Nov. 8
Sandra Roy, University of Victoria
Water and peptide structure at hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces
Nov. 15
Ben Liu, University of Texas at Austin
Search for a Naturally Selected Diels-Alderase
Nov. 19
Helene Lebel, University of Montreal
Stereoselective Amination Reactions
Dec. 3
Mark MacLachlan, University of British Columbia
For Richer Pore: Porous Molecules and Materials Through Supramolecular Chemistry
Dec. 6
Tatiana Popa, University of Victoria
Theoretical studies of chiral self-assembly

Mon. Dec. 10

Wright A104

Cooper Johnston, University of Victoria
Verdazyl Radicals, Metals, and their Electrochemistry

Thur. Dec. 13

Wright A104

Cameron Newhook, University of Victoria
Development and application of membrane introduction mass spectrometry as an in-situ reaction monitoring platform for the chlorination of model compounds, humic substances, and natural waters.

Spring 2013

Date Speaker
Jan. 10
Morgan Millard, University of Victoria
Applications of Electroless deposition of gold nanoparticles onto Si
Jan. 14
Jason Davy, University of Victoria
Synthesizing Didemnaketal A
Jan. 21
Christy Haynes, University of Minnesota
Measuring Immune Cell Response to Inflammatory Cytokines
Jan. 28
Chris Murray, University of Pennsylvania
Muti-component nanocrystal self assembly as a route to mutifunctional materials and devices
Feb. 4
Daniel Mindiola, Indiana University Bloomington
Titanium Alkylidynes. C-H Bond Activation and Beyond

Feb. 14

Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Havind Sehmi, Mitacs Vancouver Island
Connecting Industry with University Expertise
Feb. 18
Christy LandesRice University
Feb. 21
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Darryl Morrison, NOVA Chemicals Corporation
High Performance Polyethylene Resins through Catalyst and Process Design
Feb. 25
Kevin Allen, University of Victoria
Lanthanide binding ligands for use as MRI contrast agents

Feb. 28

Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Ryan Dercho, Centre for Drug Research and Development
Transforming Discovery into Opportunity - CDRD Resources to Advance Academic Discoveries Toward Commercialization

Mar. 4

John Sorensen, University of Manitoba
Biologically active natural products from Northern Manitoba lichen and other fungi
Mar. 7
Chiara Valsecchi, University of Victoria
Development and Characterization of a Plasmonic Sensor for Leukemia Diagnosis
Mar. 11
Chris Cairo, University of Alberta
Chemical tools to probe the role of human neuraminidase enzymes in cell adhesion
Mar. 18
Don Hilvert, ETH Zurich
Designer enzymes
Mar. 21
Graeme Nawn, University of Victoria
Nindigo: a new multifunctional ligand family
Mar. 25
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
Paul Smith, Xerox Research Centre of Canada
Mar. 28
Jonathan Sweedler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
New approaches for measuring the brain’s chemistry a cell at a time
Apr. 4
Richmond Sarpong, University of California, Berkeley
Strategies and Tactics Inspired by Complex Alkaloids
Apr. 8
Zohrab Ahmadi, University of Victoria
Mechanistic insight into homogeneous catalytic reactions by ESI-MS
Apr. 11
Jonathan Strobl, University of Victoria
The Role of Supporting Electrolyte in the Electroxidation of Formic Acid on Au
Apr. 15
Natasha O'Rourke, University of Victoria
Mechanistic Investigation of Orthogonal Transformations of Bis-Vinyl Ether Substrates
Apr. 18
Chemistry Industrial Speaker
James Wilkin, Industrial Research Assistance Program, NRC
Chemistry - for careers and innovation
Apr. 22
Robert Mawhinney, Lakehead University
A Quantum Based Parameter for Describing the Inductive Effect

Fall 2011

Date Speaker
Sept 8
Matthew Cook, Queens' University, Belfast
Sigmatropic Rearrangements to Build Molecular Complexity
Sept 12
Allan East, University of Regina
Two Recent Theoretical Chemistry Projects: Molten BiCl3 and Carbocations
Sept 15
Travis Williams, University of Southern California
Toward a Bifunctional Catalyst for Hydride Manipulation
Sept 19
Colin Nuckolls, Columbia University
Reaction Chemistry, Self-Assembly and Properties of Nano-structured Forms of Carbon
Sept 26

Brian Wilson, University Health Network, Toronto
Advances in the Applications of Optical Sciences and Technologies to Biomedical and Clinical Medicine, with Focus on Cancer

Oct 3
Jan Weigand, University of Muenster, Germany
Phosphorus Cations as Synthetic Targets - From Fundamentals to Application
Oct 6
Makoto Fujita, The University of Tokyo
The Structure and Function of Self-assembled Coordination Architectures: Lessons from Nature
Oct 17
Jothir Pichaandi, UVic student
Synthesis and Surface Modification of Luminescent Nanocrystals: Their Performance and Potential as Prospective Biolabels
Oct 24
Kevin Smith, UBC Okanagan
Exploring Reversible Chromium-Alkyl Bond Homolysis with Well-Defined CpCr(Nacnac)(R) Complexes
Oct 31
Katherine Davies, UVic student
Iterative Synthesis of Oligo-Vinyl Ethers
Nov 7
Richard J. Saykally, UC Berkeley
Nov 10
Joe Wang, UVic student
Flow-directed self-assembly of block copolymer micelles in microfluidic devices
Nov 14
Derek Pratt, Univeristy of Ottawa
The Chemistry of Radical-Trapping Antioxidants: Are Phenols Really Best?
Tues Nov 15
CLE  C115
Mark Taylor, University of Toronto
Noncovalent and Reversible Covalent Interactions: Fundamental Studies and Applications in Catalysis
Nov 21
David Milstein, Weizmann Institute, Israel
Design of Metal-catalyzed Reactions for Sustainable Chemistry
Nov 28
Sam Minaker, UVic student
  Tues Dec 13
COR B112
Benoît Moreau, Boehringer-Ingelheim
Asymmetric Snthesis of Cyclopropane Amino Acids (with application to the synthesis of corontine) and Discovery of New Iron-Catalyzed Reactions


Spring 2012

Date Speaker
Jan 12
Charles Walsby, SFU
The Role of Biomolecule Interactions in the Prodrug Behaviour of Ru(III) Anticancer Complexes
Jan 16
Gren Patey, UBC
Jan 23
Paul Weiss, UCLA
Feb 2
Rajesh Odedra, Seastar Chemicals Inc.
Feb 6
Norbert Braun, Symrise Singapore
Fragrances and Flavours - Chemistry Touching Your Senses
Feb 9
Ting Yu, UVic student
Detection of EGFR Biomarkers for Lung Cancers using SPR Nanohole Arrays
Feb 13
Andrew Dambenieks, UVic student
Self-assembly in Ion Channel Design
Feb 16
Sam Minaker, UVic student
Development of Tools for Reading the Histone Code
Feb 20
Julianne Gibbs-Davis, University of Alberta
The Noncovalent Chemistry of Confinement: From DNA Recognition to Buried Interfaces
Feb 23
Gren Patey, University of British Columbia
Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation: Insights from Computer Simulation
Feb 27
Joelle Pelletier, Université de Montréal
Harnessing enzymes for biocatalysis, antibiotic discovery and understanding drug resistance
Mar 1
Daniel Collins, UVic student
A versatile platform for the exploration of new electrodes and electronic materials
Wed Mar 7
7:30 pm
ELL 167
Lansdowne Public Seminar
Paul McEuen, Cornell University
The Future of Small
Mar 8
Lansdowne Chemistry Seminar
Paul McEuen, Cornell University
Nanotubes and Graphene: Blurring the Boundaries of Hard and Soft Matter
Mar 12
Mohammad Movassaghi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Complex Alkaloid Total Synthesis
Mar 15
Caleb Bromba, UVic student
Synthetic Investigation of Pharmacore-Protein Interactions Leading to Potential Therapeutics
Mar 19
Stephen Leone, UC Berkeley and LBNL
Attosecond Electron Dynamics in Atoms and Molecules
Mar 22
Amanda Whiting, UVic student
Synthesis and study of protein structure mimics for binding biologically relevant cations
Mar 26
Abdel Hidalgo, UVic/TRU student
Theoretical Determination of Physico-Chemical Properties of Perfluorinated Compounds
Mar 29
Krista Morrow, UVic student
[2+2]-Cycloadditions of Unsaturated Substrates at a Ruthenium-Phosphorus Pi-Bond
Apr 2
Ben Feringa, University of Groningen
From Molecules to Dynamic Molecular Systems
Apr 5
Julia Bobak, UVic student
Non-covalent chemical modification of graphene
Apr 19
Jillian Buriak, University of Alberta and NINT
The self-assembly of block copolymer templates for nanolithography of inorganic materials
Apr 23
Andrew Bennet, Simon Fraser University
Influenza Neuraminidases—the 'N' in H5N1—Are Current Therapeutics Really Transition State Analogues
Mon May 14
3 pm
ELL 062
Robert Hilts, Grant MacEwan University
Soluble Organic Compounds in the Tagish Lake Meteorite

Fall 2010

Date Speaker
Sept 9
Christopher Rowan, UVic student
DFT interband optical properties of Ag/PVDF nanocomposites
Sept 13
Michael Marletta, University of California, Berkeley
Building Selective Diatomic Gas Sensors: Nature’s Way
Sept 20
Jennifer Pape, UVic student
From Super-hydrated Ions to Emerging Contaminants
Sept 27
Lloyd Smith  , University of Wisconsin-Madison
New Technologies for the Genome Age
Oct 4
Robert Sacci, UVic student
Electrooxidation of Carbon Monoxide and Formic acid on Palladium
Oct 7
Aaron Massari, University of Minnesota 
Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Organic Electronic Materials
Oct 18
Stan Brown, Queen's University, ON
Development of metal ion-catalyzed alcoholysis as a rapid methodology for the destruction of organophosphorus chemical weapons, their simulants and pesticides.
Oct 25
Dan Gamelin, University of Washington
Unusual Photoluminescence Phenomena in Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Nov 1
Shih-Yuan Liu, University of Oregon 
Developing the basic science and applications of boron(B)-nitrogen(N)-containing heterocycles
Nov 8
Floyd Romesberg, Scripps 
Expansion of the Genetic Alphabet
Nov 15
Mitchell Winnik, University of Toronto
Novel Nanostructures via BlockCopolymer Self Assembly
Nov 22
Phillip Jessop, Queen's University
Fizzy Liquids and Dispersible Powders: Unexpected Consequences of Simple CO2 Chemistry

Spring 2011

Date Speaker
Jan 10
Trevor Hayton, University of California, Santa Barbara
Oxo ligand functionalization in the uranyl ion
Jan 13
Robert J. McMahon, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Glassy Materials with Exceptional Stability
Jan 17
Shaun Hall, UVic student
Orientation of molecules at surfaces from nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy and molecular simulations
Jan 24

Joanne Moszynski, UVic student
The synthesis and characterization of diphenylacetylene containing ion channels

Feb 7
Raymond Kapral, University of Toronto
Chemically-Powered Synthetic Self-Propelled Nanomotors
Feb 9
ECS 125

Robert Young, Simon Fraser University - Disinguished Alumni
A Good Drug is Hard To Find: A Perfect One is Even Harder - The Discovery of Singulair

Feb 14
Xiaoqiang Zhang, UVic student
Surface enhanced Raman scattering from bow tie and cross
bow tie apertures
Feb 17
James McCusker, Michigan State University
Zero-field Spin Polarization Effects on the Physical and Photophysical Properties of Molecules
Feb 21
Teri Odom, Northwestern University
All Things Pyramids: New Platforms for Imaging and Sensing
Feb 28
Gerhard Erker, University of Münster
Frustrated Lewis Pairs: Metal-free Hydrogen Activation and More
Mar 7
Jun Ye, University of Colorado
Polar molecules in the quantum regime
Mar 14
Keith Abel, UVic student
Colloidal lead chalcogenide quantum dots: efforts towards developing a single photon source
Mar 17
Saman Harirchian Saei, UVic student
Surface-Directed Patterning of Polymer-Nanoparticle Assemblies on Microcontact-Printed Substrates
Mar 21
Christopher Cummins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Phosphorus:  From the Element to Compounds Containing it
Mar 24
Benoît Moreau, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada)
Discovery of BI 201335: A Potent and Specific Inhibitor of the Hepatitis C Virus NS3/4A Protease with Proven Antiviral Effect in Humans
Mar 28
Todd Martinez, Stanford University
Controlling Chemistry with Light and Force
Mar 31
Krista Vikse, UVic student
ESI-MS as a Mechanistic Probe of Catalytic Organometallic Reactions
Apr 4
Louis Barriault, University of Ottawa
New Directions in Catalysis by Gold (I) and Synthesis of Natural Products
Apr 7
Noah Johnson, UVic student
Apr 14
Jean-François Masson, University of Montreal
SPR and SERS Sensors Based on Hole Arrays
Apr 18
Cerize Santos, UVic student
Photochromism in Bile Salts
Apr 21
Mark Zsombor, UVic student
An Investigation of the Effect of Structure on Magnetoconducting Properties of Stable Radicals
Apr 28
Tim McCinnis, UVic student
May 2
Cindy Wang, UVic student

Fall 2009

Date Speaker
Sept 10
Nikola Basaric, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia
Photoinitiated Domino Reactions of Adamantyl-phthalimides
Sept 14
Jean-François Carpentier, Université de Rennes, France
Discrete Complexes of Oxophilic Metals for Catalytic Polymerization Processes
Sept 17
Niloufar Behin Aein, UVic student
Photochemical and Photophysical Studies of Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) in Biphenyl Compounds
Sept 21
Ekkehardt Hahn, Universität Münster, Germany
Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry with Poly-NHC Ligands
Sept 28
Kirk Schanze, University of Florida, Gainesville FL
Photophysics of Conjugated Polyelectrolytes: Fundamental Studies and Biosensor Applications
Thurs Oct 8
SCI A104
Hansjörg Grützmacher, ETH Zürich
Straight Forward Routes to "Exotic" Phosphorus Compounds
Oct 15
Yunjie Xu, University of Alberta
Spectroscopy of chiral molecules: from the gas phase to solution
Oct 19
Kathryn Uhrich, Rutgers University, NJ
Polymer Therapeutics: from PolymerDrugs to Polymeric Micelles
Oct 26
Tim Giesbrecht, UVic student
Determination of Aluminum in the Arctic Ocean and its use as a geochemical tracer
Nov 2
Robert Cava, Princeton University, NJ
Solid State Chemistry of the new Chalcogenide and Pnictide Superconductors
Nov 9
Travis Trudeau, UVic student
Molecular Simulation of Adsorption at Solid-Aqueous Interfaces
Nov 12
Tom Livinghouse, Montana State University, MT
New Cationic and Metal Mediated Cyclization Reactions for the Synthesis of Naturally Occurring Ring Systems
Nov 16
David Schriemer, University of Calgary
Structural Biology with a Mass Spectrometer
Nov 19
Hao Tang, UVic student
Host-Guest Dynamics for Three Different Host Systems: beta-Cyclodextrin, Cucurbit[7]uril and an Octa Acid Capsule
Nov 23
Didier Bourissou, Université Paul Sabatier, France
Transition Metals and Lewis Acids: A Multi-facet Association
Nov 30
Thomas Huser, University of California, Davis CA
Ultra-Sensitive Imaging of Cells and Cellular Organelles by Doubly-Resonant Four-Wave Mixing Microscopy
Dec 7
SCI A104
Alan Heyduk, University of California, Irvine CA
Bond-Activation Reactivity of Tantalum (V) Complexes with Redox-Active Ligands
Dec 10
1 pm
ELL 167
Nick Oakley, UVic student
Synthesis and Properties of Triazinyl Radical Systems for Multifunctional Materials Applications
Dec 14
SCI A104
Gregory Scholes, University of Toronto
Feynman's space-time quantum mechanics in photosynthesis

Spring 2010

Date Speaker
Jan 4
Danielle Chisholm, UVic student
Charged ligands for direct ESI-MS analysis of catalytic reactions
Jan 11
Olga Sarycheva
Jan 14
Paul Ortiz de Montellano, UCSF, CA
Mycobacterium tuberculosis hemoproteins and therapeutic approaches
Jan 18
Michel Gravel, University of Saskatchewan
Discovery of New Reactions Catalyzed by N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
Jan 21
Hui Ting Zhang, UVic student
Study of asphaltene aggregation by fluorescence technique
Jan 25
Dmitrii Makarov, UT Austin, TX
Dynamics of biomolecules at the single-molecule level: lessons from theory and computer simulations
Jan 28
Mark Lautens, University of Toronto
The Synthesis of Heterocycles via Ring Forming and Ring Cleaving Reactions
Feb 1
SCI A104
Jonathan Chui, UVic student
Structure-Activity Relationships of Cyclodextrin Ion Channels
Feb 15
Brynn Dooley, UVic student
The Incorporation of Benzonitronyl Nitroxide Radicals into Organic
Open-Shell Donor-Acceptor Systems
Feb 22
Dean Amantea, UVic student
Synthesis and Characterization of Ion Channels: Green Metrics Analysis
Mar 1
Ulrich Krull, UofT Mississauga
Optical biosensing at the nanoscale - polymer brushes on planar surfaces and quantum dots for control of nucleic acid hybridization
Mar 8
Peter Caravan, Harvard Medical School, MA
Coordination Chemistry, Dynamics, and Biomedical MRI
Mar 15
Bart Nowak, UVic student
Synthesis, Redox Activity, and Chemical Utility of Second-Generation Metal-Verdazyl Complexes
Mar 18
David Vocadlo, Simon Fraser University
Chemical biology tools to study protein O-glycosylation in cells and tissues
Thurs Mar 25
SSM A110
Lansdowne Chemistry Lecture:
Jonathan Sessler, UT Austin, TX
Synthesis and applications of expanded porphyrins
Thurs Mar 25
SCI A104
Lansdowne Public Lecture:
Jonathan Sessler, UT Austin, TX
Receptors for potentially hazardous materials
Mar 29
Brad Moore, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
Genomics-inspired discovery and engineering of natural products
Apr 8
Olga Sarycheva, UVic student
Investigation of phenanthroline linked dihydropyrenes as photochromes
Apr 12
SCI A104
Michelle Paquette, UVic student
Designing Optically Switchable Multifunctional Materials Based on Photochromic Spirooxazine Ligands
Apr 15
SCI A104
Andrew Chou, UVic student
Development of nanoholes-based sensors for early detection of ovarian cancer
Apr 19
SCI A104
Liang Li, University of Alberta
Development and Applications of Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry for Comprehensive Proteome and Metabolome Profiling of Biological Systems
Apr 22
SCI A104
Chris Chapman, UVic student
Mean Field and Quantum Studies of Mixed Azobenzene-Alkylthiol Monolayers
Apr 26
SCI A104
Jin Zou, UVic student
The synthesis, characterization and reactivity of Lanthanide complexes with Carbazole bisoxazoline ligands
Apr 29
SCI A104 
Dirk Guldi, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
Nanotubes See the Light
May 3
Chris Rowan
May 6
Steve Hansen, UVic student
Electrodialysis using supported liquid membranes
May 10
SCI A104
Paul Chirik, Cornell University, NY
Modern Alchemy: Catalysis with Iron and Cobalt

Fall 2008

15 Sep Khurshid Ayub, University of Victoria
"The Metacyclophanediene to Dihydropyrene Rearrangement - The Nature of the Transition State"
29 Sep Professor Scott Prosser, University of Toronto
"Approaches to the Study of Protein Action by 19F NMR - Mutagenesis Free Approaches to Assignment and 19F-Edited Schemes for Structure Studies"
06 Oct Simon Birnie-Lefcovitch, University of Victoria
"In Situ Spectroscopic Studies of Cysteine Adsorbed on Silver Electrodes"
16 Oct
Professor Steven Holdcroft, Simon Fraser University
"Model Polymers for Morphological Studies of Fuel Cell Membranes"
20 Oct Professor Stephen Withers, UBC
Merck-Frosst Lecture
"Engineering and evolution of old enzymes for new tasks: glycoside assembly"
27 Oct Professor Paula Diaconescu, University of California, Los Angeles
"Reactivity of inert bonds with electrophilic ferrocene diamide complexes"
03 Nov Jason Anema,University of Victoria
"Enhanced Raman Scattering from Nanostructured Surfaces"
10 Nov Marie-Pascale Manseau, University of Victoria
"Upconverting Biolabels for the Near-Infrared"
20 Nov Professor Tom Ziegler, University of Calgary
"Approaching Chemistry from First Principles with the Help of Density Functional Theory"
24 Nov Professor Michael Sailor, University of California, San Diego
"Chemistry and Materials Science of Porous Silicon Applied to Sensing, Microfluidics, and Medicine"
01 Dec
Dr. Deepak Shukla, Kodak Research Laboratories, N.Y.
"Structural Effects in Naphthalene Diimide Based Organic Thin Film Transistors: Effect of Configurational control on Charge Mobility"
08 Dec
Jakub Drnec, University of Victoria
"Ionic layers on Platinum Surfaces: How tasty can platinum be?"

Spring 2009

05 Jan Professor Nancy Levinger, Colorado State University
"Exploring the impact of confinement on chemistry: a multifaceted approach"
12 Jan Professor Heather Maynard, UCLA
"Synthesis of Well-Defined Polymers by Controlled Radical Polymerizations for Site-Specific Conjugation to Proteins"
19 Jan Professor Karine Auclair, McGill University
"Our Fight Against Aminoglycoside Antibiotic Resistance"
26 Jan Dr. Richard Tillyer, Merck Research Laboratories, NY
"Platform Technologies in Process Research and Development"
02 Feb Yunyong Guo, University of Victoria
"Synthesis, Characterization and Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Quantum Dots with Mixed Polymer Brush Layers"
05 Feb Dr. Byron Gates, Simon Fraser University
"Investigations into the Surface Chemistry of Nanoscale Materials"
09 Feb Meikun Fan, University of Victoria
"Metallic nanoparticles as SERS substrates"
Thurs 12 Feb Dr. Rich Carter, Oregon State University
"Development of Novel Approaches to the Synthesis of Structurally Complex Natural Products and Non-natural Compounds"
16 Feb Tyler Trefz, University of Victoria
"Redox and Coordination Chemistry of disubstituted 1, 4-Quinones"
23 Feb Kevin Anderson, University of Victoria
"Electronic communication in verdazyl-based metal-radical complexes"
Thurs 26 Feb Dr. Dustin Maly, University of Washington, Seattle
"Affinity- and Activity-Based Probes for Analyzing Protein Kinase Function"
02 Mar Professor William Evans, UC Irvine
"The Importance of Questioning Scientific Assumptions: Lessons from Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry"
09 Mar Professor Laren Tolbert, Georgia Institute of Technology
"The green fluorescent protein: Taking it apart and putting it back together"
16 Mar Professor Barney Ellison, University of Colorado at Boulder
"Marine Aerosols, Organic Radicals, and a Molecular View of Cloud Formation"


19 Mar

Matt Henderson, University of Victoria
"Method development and catalyst discovery by ESI-MS"
26 Mar

Professor Andre Charette, University of Montreal

"Recent Advances in Stereoselective Synthesis and Catalysis"

30 Mar Professor Barry Trost, Stanford University
"On Inventing Reactions for Atom Economy"
06 Apr Professor Brian Stoltz, California Institute of Technology
Thurs 09 Apr Yunyan Hou, University of Victoria
"New Photochemistry with Anthraquinones"
Thurs 16 Apr Pengrong Zhang, University of Victoria
"Photochromic and aromatic properties of selected dimethyldihydropyrene derivatives"
20 Apr Steve McKinnon, University of Victoria
title TBA
23 Apr Professor Edward Solomon, Stanford University
"Spectroscopic Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry: Blue to Green to Red Copper Sites"
27 Apr Cunhai Dong, University of Victoria
"Synthesis and Reactivity of Lanthanide Fluoride Nanoparticles and their Application as MRI Contrast Agents"
30 Apr

Bin Yan, University of Victoria

"Magnetic conducting polymers: synthesis and properties of triazinyl open-shell polymers"

Fall 2007

17 Sep Dr. Madeleine Jouillé, University of Pennsylvania
"Synthetic Studies of Heterocyclic Natural Products"
27 Sep
Dr. Ulrich Fekl, University of Toronto - Mississauga
"Intriguing reactivity at co-ordinated ligands: Facile formation of carbon-sulfur bonds during alkene reactions of nickel and molybdenum dithiolenes"
04 Oct
Dr. Heiko Ihmels, Universitat Siegen
"Variations on aromatic azonia- and diazoniapolycyclic derivatives: From intercalation into duplex DNA to selective association with triplex- and quadruplex-DNA and topoisomerase inhibition"
11 Oct

Dr. William Lubell, University of Montreal
"Pyrroles, peptide mimics and the teaching of under-represented populations: New challenges in chemistry and education:

18 Oct
Dr. Aurora Clark, Washington State University
"The Unique Photophysical Properties of Organic Aggregates"
22 Oct Dr. Julius Rebek Jr., Scripps Research Institute
"The Inner Space of Molecules"
05 Nov Dr. Richard McCreery, University of Alberta
"Building Functional Electronic Devices from Molecular Components"
15 Nov
Horace Luong,University of Victoria
"Solid-Phase Synthesis of Ion Channels"
19 Nov Dr. Mary-Anne White, Dalhousie University
"Thermoelectrics: New Materials by Design?"
29 Nov
Dr. Deryn Fogg, University of Ottawa
"Shining Light into a Black Box: Perspectives on Transfomations in Catalysis"

03 Dec

Dr. Gary Drobny, University of Washington
"Solid State NMR Studies of Proteins at Biomaterial Interfaces"
13 Dec
A - 311
Dr. Colin Nuckolls, Columbia University
"Reaction Chemistry meets Lithography"

Spring 2008

07 Jan

Joe Gilroy, University of Victoria
"The Chemistry of Formazans"

14 Jan Dr. Michael Blades, University of British Columbia
"Applications of Raman Spectroscopy in the Life Sciences"

21 Jan

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz, Queen's University
"Interfacial Electrochemistry of Platinum: Something Old, Something New, and Something Unexpected"

28 Jan Timothy Connolly, Bristol-Myers Squibb
"Water Soluble Prodrugs of Ravuconazole"
04 Feb Dr. Graham George, University of Saskatchewan
"From Functional to Fatal - Probing the Chemistry of Metals in Biology using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy"
11 Feb Dr. Robert Waymouth, Stanford University
"Organocatalysis: Strategies for Controlled Polymerization Reactions"
18 Feb Dr. Mark Andrews, McGill University
" Guided Wave Self-Inscription in Photosensitive Network Glasses"

28 Feb
Thurs 11am

MEDS 160

Dr. Edward Yeung, Ames National Laboratory
"Detection and Characterization of Single Biomolecules"

03 Mar Eric Derrah, University of Victoria
"A Ruthenium Phosphido Complex and Advances Toward Hydrophosphination"
10 Mar Tamara Pace, University of Victoria
"Dynamics of Guests Bound to Biomolecules"

13 Mar
Thurs MEDS 160

Dr. Darren Johnson, University of Oregon
"Main Group Supramolecular Coordination Chemistry"

17 Mar Dr. Klaus Muellen, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
"Structural Hierarchies in Materials Chemistry"

27 Mar
MEDS 160

Dr. Robert Britton, Simon Fraser University
"Old Reactions, New Applications"
31 Mar Dr. Shana Kelly, University of Toronto
"Nanostructured Materials as Ultrasensitive Cellular and Molecular Sensors"
07 Apr
Dr. Andrew Hamilton, Yale University
Merck-Frosst Lecture
"Synthetic approaches to the disruption of protein-protein interactions"
14 Apr
Dr. Harry Gray, California Institute of Technology
Lansdowne Lecturer

"The Currents of Life: Electron Flow through Proteins"

15 Apr
7:30 pm

Dr. Harry Gray, California Institute of Technology
"Powering the Planet with Solar Energy"

17 Apr
CLE A-311
Dr. William Tolman, University of Minnesota
"Using synthetic chemistry to understand copper and iron protein active sites"

24 Apr

ELL 061

Keri McQuinn, University of Victoria
"Water Clusters - ESI-MS Investigation of Nanodroplets in the Gas Phase"

28 Apr


ELL 061

Simon Oakley, University of Victoria
"Novel Derivatives of Indigo as a Bridging Ligand"

Fall 2006

18 Sep Dr. Hugh Cartwright, University of Oxford
25 Sep Dr. Dan Wayner, National Research Council Canada
02 Oct Dr. Ann English, Concordia University
12 Oct
Dr. James Boncella, Los Alamos National Laboratory
16 Oct Dr. Michel Gagné, University of N. Carolina Chapel Hill
19 Oct
Dr. David Tierney, University of New Mexico
23 Oct Dr. Patrick Holland, University of Rochester
30 Oct Dr. David Walba, University of Colorado, Boulder
06 Nov Dr. Clifford Leznoff, York University
"Strategies for the Synthesis of Phthalocyanines: Past, Present and Future"
20 Nov Dr. Garry Hanan, University of Montreal
04 Dec Dr. Paul Corkum, National Research Council Canada
14 Dec Dr. Michael Gelb, University of Washington

Spring 2007

22 Jan Dr. Molly Shoichet, University of Toronto
05 Feb Dr. Anna Ritcey, Université Laval
12 Feb Dr. M.G. Finn, Scripps Research Institute
26 Feb Dr. Sunney Xie, Harvard University
12 Mar Dr. Thomas Moore, Arizona State University
26 Mar Dr.Michael Georges, University of Toronto
10 Apr Dr. Michael Haley, University of Oregon
23 Apr Dr. John Simon, Duke University

Spring 2006

09 Jan Dr. Nongjian Tao, Arizona State University
"Controlling electron transport in single molecules"
16 Jan Dr. Derek Gates, University of British Columbia
"Putting P into Polymers: Synthetic Approaches to Functional Phosphorus Macromolecules"
23 Jan Dr. Teri Odom, Northwestern University
"Manipulating light in nanohole arrays and nanoparticles"
30 Jan Dr. Robert Schurko, University of Windsor
"Observing the "Invisible" Nucleus: NMR of unreceptive nuclei in inorganic, organometallic and other solid materials"
06 Feb Dr.Bruce Arndtsen, McGill University
"Palladium catalyzed multicomponent reactions: New routes to heterocycle and amino acid synthesis"
13 Feb Dr. Vicki Colvin, Rice University
"Safe Nanotechnology: Implications and Applications of Nanomaterials"
27 Feb Dr. Francois Gabbai, Texas A&M University  
"Fluoride complexation by polydentate Lewis acids"
06 Mar Dr. Andrew Gewirth, University of Illinois
"Studies of Metal Surface-Molecular Interactions Relevant to Fuel Cell Catalysis"
13 Mar Dr.Maurice Brookhart, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Catalytic Transformations based on Transition Metal Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Activation Reactions"
20 Mar Dr. Richard Crooks, University of Texas at Austin
"Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Applications of 1-3 nm-Diameter Dendrimer-Encapsulated Nanoparticles"
27 Mar Dr. Robert Lipson, University of Western Ontario
"Fabricating Photonic Crystals with Light, for Light Applications"
30 Mar
ELL 162
Sri Sivakumar, University of Victoria
"Lanthanide-Based Nanophotonic Materials"
03 Apr Dr. Wilson Ho, University of California, Irvine
"The Interior of Single Molecules"
10 Apr
Dr. Royce Murray, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Size-Dependent Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Monolayer Protected Gold Clusters"
13 Apr

ELL 162
Dr. Nelaine Mora-Diez, Thompson Rivers University
"Computational calculations of equilibrium constants of organic compounds"

18 Apr
ELL 062

Dr.Eugenia Kumacheva, University of Toronto
"Microfluidic reactors for polymer particles"
24 Apr
ELL 062
Sharon Caldwell, University of Victoria
"Synthesis and Characterization of Bis-bidentate para-Dioxolenes Towards Molecular Magnets"
04 May
Dr. Victor Snieckus, Queen's University
Merck-Frosst Lecturer
"Lithium as a Conduit to Synthetic Aromatic Chemistry"
08 May
Tao Wang, University of Victoria
"Mechanism Elucidation using the Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance (EQCM)"

Spring 2005

10 Jan Dr. Sylvie Morin, York University
"Study of Low-Dimensional, Electrodeposited Metal Nanostructures and Thin Films"
17 Jan Bryan Koivisto, University of Victoria
"Metal-Verdazyl Radical Interactions: Towards Molecular-Based Magnets"
24 Jan Dan Myles, University of Victoria
"Synthesis and Electronic Properties of Sulfur-Bridged Thiophene Oligomers"
31 Jan Dr. Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz, University of Saskatchewan
"Bio-organometallic Peptide Conjugates: Adventures in Electron Transfer"
07 Feb Dr. Neil Branda, Simon Fraser University
"Molecular switching to control structure and function"
14 Feb Dr. George Christou, University of Florida
"Single-molecule magnets: A molecular approach to nanoscale magnetic materials"
21 Feb Dr. Robert E. Campbell, University of Alberta
"Expanding the fluorescent protein tool kit: new colors, sensors, and FRET pairs"
28 Feb Dr. Harald Stöver, McMaster University
"Study of structured microspheres: Towards tiny onions"
07 Mar Professor Dr. Joel C. Rubim, Universidade de Brasília
"Analysis of Biodiesel and Diesel by Fourier Transform Infrared, Near Infrared, and Raman Spectroscopy"
14 Mar Dr. Seth Marder, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Recent advances in two-photon absorbing materials"
21 Mar Dr. Younan Xia, University of Washington
"Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Nanostructured Materials"
31 Mar
ELL 168
Dr. Vincent Rotello, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Nanoparticles: scaffolds and building blocks"
04 Apr
Dr. John Hartwig, Yale University
"A synergy between synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry"
11 Apr
CUNN 146

Christine Tong, University of Victoria
"A model for the self-assembly of palladium bipyridine complexes"

18 Apr
Dr. Christopher Chidsey, Stanford University
"Interfacial assembly and control of electron transfer using the 'click' reaction"
22 Apr
ELL 160

Dr. Andrew Weller, University of Bath
"The transition metal chemistry of "greasy ball anions": from pseudo alkane complexes to high-hydride content clusters"
25 Apr Wei Fan, University of Victoria
"The syntheses and photochromism of cyclopent[e]dimethyldihydropyrene anion and its metal complexes"
26 Apr
10:30 AM
ELL 060
Dr. Heiko Ihmels, University of Siegen
"Can old dogs learn new tricks? - Fluorescence detection of cations, anions and biomacromolecules with anthracene and quinolizinium derivatives"
28 Apr
Rob Cheyne, University of Victoria
"Hierarchical block co-polymer/quantum dot surface features via self-assembly at the air-water interface"
02 May
Dr. Michael Rubner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Bio-inspired polyelectrolyte multilayers: From pH-gated Bragg reflectors to patterned superhydrophobic surfaces"
09 May

Karen Button, University of Victoria
"Divalent and trivalent lanthanide amido-oxazoline complexes"

Fall 2004

20 Sep Dr. Hogan Yu, Simon Fraser University
"New chemistry on old CD's"
30 Sep
Dr. Paul S. Pregosin, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland
"PGSE (Diffusion) and 1H,19F HOESY NMR studies on homogeneous catalysts: Ion pairing and learning about anions"
18 Oct Dr. Ernest McEachern, AnorMed
"AMD3100: The evolution of AnorMed's first clinical CXCR4 receptor antagonist"
20 Oct
Jo Wang, University of Victoria
25 Oct Sierra Rayne, University of Victoria
"Solution-phase photochemistry of dibenzo[1,4]dioxins"
01 Nov Dr. Hélène Perreault, University of Manitoba
"Glycoproteins in virology, immunology, etc., and mass spectrometry"
08 Nov Dr. Masad J. Damha, McGill University
"Development of oligonucleotide-based probes and therapeutics"
15 Nov Dr. G. Andrew Woolley, University of Toronto
"Designing photo-controlled peptides and proteins"
22 Nov Catrin Hughes, University of Victoria
29 Nov Dr. Douglas W. Stephan, University of Windsor
"Highly active homogeneous catalysts for olefin polymerization: Molecular design, optimization and utilization"
06 Dec Peter Diamente, University of Victoria
13 Dec Dan Harrison, University of Victoria