Electronics Shop

Electronics Technician: Mark Evans  markevans@uvic.ca

Room: Elliott 232
Phone: 250-721-7115

Hours of Service
Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday by appointment

Scope of work

Mark Evans is assigned to support instrumentation and electronics located in undergraduate and research laboratories in the Chemistry Department.

  • Consulting with faculty and research co-workers regarding equipment needs and specifications.
  • Advising teaching lab staff, faculty and research co-workers on the safe operation of electronic equipment, on sources of the best equipment for their needs and on maintenance and calibration of equipment.
  • Designing specifications and fabricating specialized products using tools of the trade, while adhering to safety regulations.
  • Preparing and presenting cost estimates for the construction of equipment.
  • Testing functionality and safety of fabricated equipment and advising users on the safe and efficient use of the equipment.
  • Assessing inoperable instrumentation and equipment, diagnosing problems and determining the costs of repair in comparison to purchasing new equipment.
  • Repairing inoperable instrumentation and equipment.
  • Documenting materials used for charge backs to customers for services provided by the Electronics Shop and the cost of purchases of parts for these services.
  • Recommending purchase of parts and equipment for specific uses and maintaining shop stock.
  • Preparing and submitting charge back information to the Administrative Officer.
  • Assistance with installation and maintenance of computing hardware and software interfaced with instrumentation.
  • Regular review of teaching instrumentation and equipment for decisions on maintenance, repair, replacement or disposal.

Usage of Electronic Shop and Inventory

  • Shop tools, equipment and inventory can be borrowed with the prior approval of shop personnel.
  • Access to the Electronics Shop must be approved by shop personnel.
  • Chemistry research activities: Labour is charged at $20/hour and costs of parts are recovered.
  • Faculty of Science undergraduate labs and research labs: Labour is charged at $20/hour and costs of parts are recovered. Undergraduate teaching labs are not charged for labour.
  • Other departments/units of the University of Victoria: Labour is charged at $50/hour and costs of parts are recovered.

Work Priority

All jobs and projects related to Chemistry undergraduate labs and research labs will be given top priority followed by requests from the Faculty of science and other job or project requests from other departments.

Work Orders

To submit a work order please fill in the work order form and email to Mark Evans.

Please follow the safety guidelines while submitting the work orders.