University of Victoria Site License

The University of Victoria maintains a site-subscription for Perkin Elmer/Cambridgesoft’s ChemDraw Prime, which is a leading chemical drawing software tool.


Click CHEMDRAW for installation instructions.

GRAMS/AI™ Spectroscopy Software Suite

Software for processing and managing spectroscopy data, Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS/AI™ Spectroscopy Software Suite provides a set of complementary, fully integrated applications that increase productivity across all areas of spectroscopic analysis.

The suite's core application, GRAMS/AI, eliminates the need for multiple instrument software packages by providing a single, integrated environment for data management and analysis. It streamlines data access and facilitates scientific collaboration, as well as reducing overall software training costs. Click GRAMS for the licensed version

Please follow the instructions below to download and install the 30 days trial version software.

  1. Download the GRAMS Installation Package from
  2. Run the Installation Package

Should you require assistance with installation during the first 30 days from time of purchase, please contact and use customer ID #  545002.

After the initial 30-day period, a valid technical support plan is required to utilize Thermo Fisher Scientific’s GRAMS technical support resources.  For more information on the benefits of technical support plans, including free software upgrades and discounts on training courses, please contact our Sales Department at or by calling 1-800-395-5467.