What we do

The Chair in Transgender Studies is committed to generating solid reliable information about the real world to drive social change and improve the wellbeing of Trans+ people. We support and build healthy communities by facilitating activities of interest to Trans+ people and their allies.

Transgender Archives

Our records span over 160 meters or 530 linear feet, go back over 120 years, and are in 15 languages from 23 countries on six continents. Our collections comprise the largest trans archives in the world.


Public Events

The Chair in Transgender Studies holds a variety of public events, including visiting speakers, social and arts events, and honorary degrees!


MTHF Conferences

Moving Trans History Forward conferences bring together academics, students, community-based scholars and artists, allies and service providers for productive dialogue about who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.


Scholarships & Fellowships

Who can apply? UVic undergraduate students, master's students, and PhD students. Also University-based visitors, and Community-based visiting researchers can apply. All genders are encouraged to apply!


Vancouver Island Trans Resources

The Chair in Transgender Studies is proud to host this resource and information site for Trans+ people and their allies on Vancouver Island.