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Lab Director
My research interest is to promote health and physical activity using innovative digital technology (e.g. Internet, mobile phones, social media). Specifically, the first area of my research focuses on developing and evaluating the effectiveness of digital communication technology to help individuals prevent chronic diseases and improve their health. The second area of my research focuses on finding innovative ways to monitor and predict lifestyle behaviours and health outcomes using big data (i.e. social media data) in order to better target and personalize digital health interventions. 

Educational Qualifications
Post-Doctoral Fellow: University of California Los Angeles (2016)
Ph.D. Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto (2015)
M.Sc. Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto (2010)
Bachelor of Physical and Health Education - Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto (2008)

Office: MCK 124


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Current Team Members

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Brenda Adams, MEd, BSc

PhD Student

Project: Resiliency Among Exercise Professionals

 Jeann Buenafe, BSc

Research Coordinator





Bianca DeSilva, MSc, BA

Research Assistant


 Henry La




  Sam Lapusniak, BHK

MSc Candidate

Project: Effectiveness of a Gamification Mobile App to Promote Physical Activity in Children


 Alyssa Roehrich, BA

MSc Student

Project: Cellphone Usage and Well-Being



Amanda Willms, BA

MSc Candidate

Project: mHealth and Financial Incentives






Keatton Tiernan (2021)

Undergraduate BSc Student

Ronak Sheikhi (2021)

Undergraduate BSc Student

Nick Smith (2021)

Research Assistant

Megan Perdew (2021)

Research Coordinator

Parm Johal (2020)

Web Developer

Utkarsh Patadia (2020)

Web Developer

Kahvi Patel (2020)

Web Developer

Dimas Adiputranto (2020)

Project: A Feasibility Study Evaluating a Family-Centered Web-Based Intervention to Promote Physical Activity Among Children

Si Ning Yeo

Research Assistant

Francisco Colino, PhD (2019)

Project: Evaluating the accuracy of wearable technologies measuring physical activity in older adults

Isabela Marques, PhD (2019)

Project: Physical activity interventions for older adults and children using mobile health

Chloe Paradiso

Project: Assess the validity and accuracy of wearables in measuring physical activity and heart rate

Brian Chan (2018)

Project: Monitor physical activity level using social media data

Danielle Fransen (2018)

Project: Evaluating the effects of cell phone use on the student's academic performance

David Doo (2018)

Project: Assessing methods of using social media data to predict depression

Meagan Pelletier (2018)

Project: Evaluating gamification strategies in web-based interventions aimed to promote physical activity among adults