IESVic seminar: Using Exergy to Enhance Ecological and Environmental Understanding and Stewardship

Join us on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 from 11:30 to 12:30 for a talk by Dr. Marc Rosen (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science University of Ontario Institute of Technology) called "Using Exergy to Enhance Ecological and Environmental Understanding and Stewardship."

Abstract: In efforts to understand ecological systems and environmental impact, techniques can be used which combine thermodynamics with environmental and ecological disciplines. Most such assessments consider thermodynamics in terms of energy, but it is believed by many that ecological and environmental factors are better understood using the thermodynamic quantity exergy. One rationale for this statement is that exergy, but not energy, is often a measure of the potential for ecological and environmental impact. In this seminar, a summary is presented of existing analysis techniques which integrate exergy and ecological and environmental factors. The goals of most such analysis techniques include improving understanding of the impact on ecological systems and the environment of processes, and the determination of appropriate ecological and environmental improvement measures.

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