IESVic August seminar: Sustainability and Sustainable Development

We hope to see you on Wednesday, August 14 (11:30 to 12:30) at our second summer seminar by Dr. Marc Rosen (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science University of Ontario Institute of Technology) entitled "Sustainability and Sustainable Development."

Abstract: Humanity and societies face increasingly important challenges related to sustainability. Making societies and their development more sustainable requires the consideration of economic, social, environmental and other factors. Sustainability assessment tools evaluate the sustainability of a process or system, and how that is affected when a change is made. In this seminar, sustainability concepts and definitions are reviewed and the historical context for sustainability is briefly described. Then sustainability is discussed, focusing on its economic, environmental and social dimensions, and the related concept of sustainable development is examined. Issues related to sustainability are discussed throughout. Finally, assessment measures for sustainability are examined, and several applications are presented.

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