Living Without Oil Keynote Address

January 30, 2020
7:00pm- 9:00pm
University of Victoria, David Turpin Building, Room A 110

Delivered by Dr. John Gunton, the Keynote Address introduces a 2-part series in February and March, delivered in partnership with IESVic

The presentation will lay the groundwork for why it’s important to "live without oil," and will discuss technologies potentially capable of helping society achieve this goal. While these technologies have been around for many years, there is now a need for a quicker development pace.

The series includes experts from UVic, the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, BC Hydro, Ballard Power Systems, and the Canadian Nuclear Association. They will show us what the continued development of these technologies has to offer society and the climate.

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Information on the Living Without Oil lecture series:

Part One

Part Two

About the speaker:

Dr. John Gunton, a geologist, enjoyed a career spanning 40 years exploring for and developing hydrocarbon resources around the world. Recently he started a private company (in collaboration with the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems) to develop a technology capable of generating electrical power from ocean waves.