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The Living Without Oil Series: An Elder Academy Event

John Stewart  

Saturday, February 15
10:00am‐ 12:00pm
David Turpin Building, Room A110

What is the pathway to a decarbonized energy system, and how much electrification would that would require? How much growth in clean electricity capacity is needed, and how much of this can be provided by renewables? John Stewart asks why 20 years of investment in renewables has not produced transformative change. He will suggest ways to address this, in reference to data and analysis from the International Energy Agency.

About the speaker: John Stewart is the Director of Policy and Research at the Canadian Nuclear Association. He leads the development of policy and research products to support the CNA’s mission, and co‐chairs the Public Affairs Advisory Committee. He was project manager of the 2018 Small Modular Reactor Roadmap and has been Canada’s representative to the Washington‐based Global Nexus Initiative. He worked with the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa from 1990 to 2010, where he was a member of a Climate Outreach Team that received a Superior Honor Award for effectively communicating U.S. foreign policy on the environment and climate change. An advocate for the productive integration of immigrants into Canadian society, he has led two of Ottawa’s immigrant services organizations. John is on the teaching faculty of the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University and is the author of Strangers with Memories: The United States and Canada from Free Trade to Baghdad (McGill‐Queen’s University Press, 2017).

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Presented by the UVic Retirees Association.

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