EnVision 2021 shines light on big energy questions

Moderators at EnVision 2021 (clockwise from top left) include: Andrew Rowe, Madeleine McPherson, Curran Crawford, Ralph Evins and Kevin Palmer-Wilson.

Courtesy of the Faculty of Engineering

Envision Conference 2021: The Next Generation
April 26- 30
register: https://onlineacademiccommunity.uvic.ca/envision2021/ 

Transforming today’s energy systems to meet critical sustainability goals is a complex, cross-sector undertaking.

Actions include decarbonizing electricity and fuels, increasing efficiency, reducing emissions from land-use changes, and developing CO2 removal strategies.

The EnVision 2021 conference plans to shed some light on the issue, with five days of panels and talks covering topics that range from the role of hydrogen over the past three decades to software approaches that address institutional barriers to decarbonization.

“Normally, the conference would have two full days of activities,” says Andrew Rowe, executive director of the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems at UVic (IESVic), which hosts the event.

“But this year, because it’s online, we’re spreading EnVision over five days of shorter activities and letting people participate in whichever events they choose.”

EnVision 2021 – The Next Generation is a free conference that aims to accelerate energy system transformation through knowledge mobilization and relationship building.

The EnVision conference is held every second year and is usually aimed at anyone who has worked at or with IESVic over the years. Rowe says this year’s event, which runs April 26 through April 30, will feature some relatively informal and accessible discussion panels that will be suitable for a broader audience.

He says the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sessions should be of interest to both IESVic alumni and others with an interest in sustainable energy systems:

  • Monday: A blast from the past: Hydrogen returns (moderator: Dr. Andrew Rowe)
  • Tuesday:Putting the DAC in CCS (moderator: Dr. Curran Crawford)
  • Wednesday: Real-world decarbonization efforts, their barriers, and critical paths to success (moderator: Dr. Kevin Palmer-Wilson)

Sessions on Thursday and Friday will be more technically advanced and better suited to IESVic alumni and partners:

  • Thursday: Closing the gap: Three software pillars for an effective energy system transition dialogue (moderator: Dr. Madeleine McPherson)
  • Friday: Machine learning is coming to buildings and energy systems (moderator: Dr.Ralph Evins)

Each daily event will run under two hours, with time for questions and conversation. EnVision 2021 schedule and registration.

IESVic, formed by UVic researchers in 1989, provides leadership in the study of critical energy issues, the human dimensions of energy, and related education and training, while working closely with industry, not-for-profits and government. This year marks the organization’s sixth EnVision conference.