Democratic transformation Eastern Europe.pptx

CFGS' Interim Director Oliver Schmidtke

Published: November 2012

Keywords: populism, democracy, Eastern Europe, migration, globalization, Eastern Europe


At the most basic level, populism is a political
ideology that holds that the common person is
oppressed by an elite in society, which exists
only to serve its own interests, and therefore,
the instruments of the State need to be
grasped from this self-serving elite and instead
used for the benefit and advancement of the
oppressed masses as a whole.

Sociological processes such as reaction to
higher migration levels and heightened
perceptions of crime have influenced attitudes
towards traditional right-wing policies of law
and order a border control giving new
legitimacy to the political discourse of right
wing parties.

Disciplines: Governance

Publication: SCHMIDTKE-Democratic-transformation-Eastern-Europe.pdf