Water Innovation and Global Governance (WIGG) Lab


The Water, Innovation, and Global Governance (WIGG) Lab, housed at CFGS, was established in 2013 under the direction of Dr. Michele-Lee Moore (UVic Geography) and Oliver M. Brandes (POLIS Project). The WIGG Lab team is made up of Honours undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students, as well as Postdoctoral Fellows.

The goal of this collaborative initiative is to advance interdisciplinary research in the areas of water, social innovation, and global governance—and apply that research in local and international contexts. Each of the projects undertaken by the WIGG Lab targets different components of the processes that may contribute to transformative change in water governance. 

The research relies heavily, although not exclusively, on complex systems thinking, resilience, social structuration theory, social transitions theory, and design thinking, while drawing on different disciplinary approaches to understanding change. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the lab, WIGG builds research capacity across the UVic community by working with the Departments of Geography, Biology, Law, Public Administration, Political Science, and the School of Environmental Studies.

For more information about the WIGG Lab and its current research, contact or follow us on Twitter @WIGGLab.