European Studies Program

european studies
  • Interested in European politics?
  • Focusing your studies on European topics?
  • Looking for opportunities to study or work in the European Union?
  • Wanting to pursue an international career?

The European Studies Program (EUS) offers courses, study abroad programs and internships to broaden students’ knowledge and provide a thorough understanding of Europe’s multifaceted history, culture, fast-changing political realities and its extraordinary role in today’s world. 

EUS provides participation in several ways: students can participate by pursuing an inter-disciplinary General or Minor in European Studies, a Concentration in European Studies (with a Political Science Major), or by focusing your Graduate studies on a European related topic.

Apart from the multitude of courses offered at UVic on European issues, the European Studies Program has teamed up with department and faculties across campus, across Canada, and across the European Union to offer you ample opportunities to study in Europe, participate in simulations, apply for internships, and engage in various research projects.

With over 30 associated faculty and researchers across 5 faculties and 17 departments, the European Studies Program’s inter-disciplinary nature ensures a variety of outreach events, public lectures, conferences and activities that cover a wide range of interests and areas of research.

We have been recognized as a European Union Centre of Excellence, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and can count three Jean Monnet Chairs amongst our faculty.

Visit the European Studies Program website to learn more.