Middle East Discussion Group


The Middle East Discussion Group (MEDG) was constituted in 2012 under the umbrella of the Centre for Global Studies (CFGS), University of Victoria. The Group consists of students, faculty, multi-disciplinary experts, and the general public with particular interest in Middle East issues. The Group is non-partisan and is based on open membership and participation.

The mandate of the MEDG is to widen the scope and examination of the complex issues underlying the contemporary Middle East. The MEDG utilizes the research capacity embedded within the UVic community and encourages further interdisciplinary research involving Middle East issues. Issues such as the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arab Spring, political Islam, democracy and governance in the Arab world, gender issues, terrorism, colonialism and foreign intervention are analyzed and debated. During its regular meetings, the MEDG relies on discussions led by its members, or by invited guests from academia and government. Such encounters result in lively and productive exchange of views.

For more information about the MEDG or to' request participation, please contact Dr. Michael Carpenter at carpentm@uvic.ca