The following courses are offered by faculty members in the Centre for Forest Biology, though they may be offered jointly with the Department of Biology.

For more details on course offerings for a particular session please consult the UVic Academic Calendar: Forest Biology Courses.

  • 515 Advanced Experimental Mycology
  • 527 Advanced Plant Biochemistry and Biochemical Ecology
  • 538 Topics in Microbial Ecology
  • 549 Individual Study in Forest Biology
  • 560 Forest Biology Seminar
  • 570 Advanced Topics in Forest Biology
  • 571 Forest Biology Workshop

FORB 515 Units: 1.5 

Systematics and life strategies of fungi, tracing evolution of extant species using molecular approaches, fungal molecular genetics, evolution of sexual processes in fungi, unique fungal biochemical processes.

Note: Credit will be given for only one of BIOL 415C and FORB 515.

FORB 527 Units: 1.5 

Advanced Plant Biochemistry and Biochemical Ecology
An introduction to plant biochemistry, plant metabolism, and the biochemical basis of plant adaptation, with emphasis on plant-specific biochemical pathways and processes, and their regulation and molecular biology. Storage carbohydrates, cell wall biosynthesis, lipid metabolism, nitrogen fixation and assimilation, and photosynthesis; biochemical ecology of secondary plant metabolites including isoprenoids, phenolics and alkaloids. An additional research paper or presentation is required.

Note: Credit will be given for only one of BIOL 458 and FORB 527.
Prerequisites: BIOC 299. BIOC 300A or 300B is recommended.

FORB 538 Units: 1.5 

Nutrient Cycling and Prokaryotes
An introduction to prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea) and their role in nutrient cycling in forests, lakes and oceans. Diversity and evolution of populations and communities of prokaryotes and their role in the major biogeochemical cycles: carbon, nitrogen, sulfur. Genetic, biochemical, physiological and ecological aspects of processes such as nitrogen fixation and methanogenesis; design of experimental approaches to assess cycling of elements in forests, lakes and oceans by prokaryotes.

Note: Credit will be given for only one of BIOL 438, 538 and FORB 538.

FORB 549 Units: 1.5 

Individual Study in Forest Biology

549A – Tree Physiology
549B – Tree Molecular Biology
549C – Trees and Fungi
549D – Forest Soils
549E – Forest Ecology
549F – Forest Genetics

Note: May be taken more than once in any of the above areas under the appropriate faculty member. Pro forma required.

FORB 560 Units: 1.5 

Forest Biology Seminar 
Student and guest seminars on selected topics in forest biology and forest biotechnology and regeneration. Required of all graduate students in forest biology every year of their degree program (except by Departmental permission) but will not count as part of their minimum graduate course requirement.

Grading: INP, COM, N or F

FORB 570 Units: 1.5

Advanced Topics in Forest Biology 
A series of lectures and seminars examining subjects of current interest that focus on the adaptations of trees and their interactions with the forest environment.

Note: May be taken more than once for credit in different topics. Pro forma required.

FORB 571 Units: 0.5-3

Forest Biology Workshop
A series of advanced workshops providing intensive theoretical and practical training in three thematic areas: plant and microbial molecular biology; forest ecology, physiology and genetics; and bioinformatics and biostatistics. Workshops are designed to provide the tools for experimental design to address biological questions at all levels from the genome to the whole organism.

Note: May be taken more than once for credit in different topics. Pro forma required.