John Albert Hall Lectures start February 4, 2016

Join the CSRS and Tom Sauders for the first in a series of six John Albert Hall Lectures for 2016. The lecture, entitled History, Faith, and Preferred Futures takes place 4:30 pm Thursday, February 4, 2016 in the UVic Human and Social Development (HSD) building, Room A240. In this lecture Tom Saunders will discuss historical understanding, religious faith and possibilities for social change in light of his recent visit to Uganda and South Sudan with pastors from Victoria. He will consider the role of faith in responding to social questions as reflected in conversations with church leaders, educators, doctors and political officials. He will also reflect on the relevance of those conversations for redefining faith. Central questions he aims to raise surround the nature of the boundaries between ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’ and the significance of religious commitment for addressing social and political issues.

Tom Saunders is Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of Victoria. His main field is modern Germany, with focus on cinematic representation in the interwar era. His recent work investigates images of metropolitan crime and financial scandal. He is also interested in the nature of historical knowledge and its relationship to contemporary social and political values.