West Coast Eco-Spirituality: Religion, Reverence and Reason in Cascadia

Thursday, March 9
4:30- 6:00 pm
Engineering Computer Science Building
Room 123

Nearly 50 per cent of British Columbians report they have no religion—that’s more than twice the share of “nones” than any other region in Canada and higher than anywhere else in North America. The religious and spiritual style of the “Cascadia bio-region” is influenced by its distinctive history, politics and environment and is expressed through such activities as hiking, yoga, mindfulness practices, religious creativity and a reverence for nature. Join local scholars, practitioners and critics of West Coast eco-spirituality to debate, debunk and discover the roots and implications of this unique phenomenon.

Presenters: Paul Bramadat (Centre for Religion and Society, and Department of History), Siobhan Chandler (Sociologist of Religion, independent scholar), Lynne Marks (Department of History), Mike Simpson (School of Environmental Studies) and Rev. Canon Bruce Bryant-Scott (Parish of St. Matthias Anglican).

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Presented by the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society for Ideafest 2017

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