2010-2018 SAGE Speaker Series

2017-2018 Series

Speaker: Elder May Sam
Topic: Opening the Series
Date: September 19, 2017

Speaker: Indigenous Mentorship Network of the Pacific-Northwest
Topic: Mentorship event
Date: October 10, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Paul Ansloos
Topic: "Living into Unknowns: Decolonial futures in applied psychology and human development"
Date: November 7, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Allison Reeves
Topic: "Healing (and re-healing) from sexualized trauma: Integrated teachings from Elders, Indigenous community research, clinical and forensic psychology, and front-line psychotherapy"
Date: January 30, 2018

Speaker: Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule
Topic: "How do you include community in community-based research? Some recent Indigenous education research examples"
Date: February 20, 2018

Speaker: Dr. Waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy
Topic: "From Territorial Acknowledgements to Here-ing: (Indigenous) Methodology for Being in Someone Else’s Home"
Date: March 20, 2018

2016-2017 Series

Speaker: Dr. Charlotte Loppie
Topic: "Role of research in the TRC"

Speaker: Dr. Nick Claxton
Topic: "Indigenous Research & Resurgence" 

Speaker: Dr. Billie Allan
Topic: "Gathering old knowledge and carrying it forward: Research as 'helper' in addressing the impact of racism on Indigenous health and well-being"

Speaker: Dr. Paul Whitinui
Topic: "Indigenous MINDS: Freeing ourselves to passionately engage across disciplines"

Speaker: Dr. Heidi Stark
Topic: "Narrating the Nation-State: The Story of Aboriginal Title"

Speaker: Dr. Devi Mucina
Topic: "Decolonizing Indigenous Masculinities"

2015-2016 Series

Speaker: Jaqueline Anaquod
Topic: Housing and health for Indigenous people living with HIV in Canada

Speaker: Erynne Gilpin
Topic: Insurgent Healing: Land-based wellness as governance

Speaker: Cynthia Stirbys
Topic: Impacts of residential school on female survivors and their female descendants

2014-2015 Series

Speaker: Sherri Pooyak
Topic: Indigenous women of the sex trade share stories of family and resiliency

Speakers: John Elliot, Jeff Corntassel
Topics: The Importance of Indigenous Languages and Lands, Resurgent Indigenous Landscapes: Sustainability and Food Sovereignty on Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ Homelands

Speaker: Fiona Devereaux
Topic: Setting the Table - Indigenous Food projects on the Island

Speaker: Clarita Lefthand-Begay
Topic: Water Security: the value of water and our well-being

Speaker: Christine O'Bonsawin
Topic: From Black Power to Indigenous Activism: The Olympic Movement and the Marginilization of Oppressed Peoples

Speaker: Kendra Gage & Charlotte Loppie
Topic: Hulitan Family & Community Services and CAHR Pilot Study

Speaker: Dr. Solomon Amuno
Topic: Health Implication of harvesting Traditional Country Food from Former Mining Areas: Case Study of Arctic Bay, Nunavut

2013-2014 Series

Speaker: Dr. Evan Adams, actor, playwright, physician and Deputy Provincial Health Officer of BC
Topic: Provincial Health Services Authority Indigenous Cultural Competency

Speaker: Dr. Lorna Williams, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair of Indigenous Knowledge and Learning in the Faculty of Education and Department of Linguistics at UVic

Speaker: Dr. Taiaiake Alfred, researcher, philosopher, author and professor of Indigenous Governance at UVic

Speaker: Dr. Charlotte Reading, Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Health and associate professor in the School of Public Health and Social Policy, Faculty of Human and Social Development, UVic

Speaker: Dr. Jacquie Green, project manager for the Indigenous Child Well-being Research Network and the first Indigenous director of any School of Social Work in Canada

2012-2013 Series

Speaker: Dr. Samaya Van Tyler, PhD
Topic:Walking with Lions: HIV and women living in Kibera

Speaker: Dr. Jessica Ball, Professor in the School of Child and Youth Care at UVic
Topic: Father involvement and wellness: First Nations and Metis men's journeys

Speaker: Joanne Mills, Lead Facilitator, PHSA Indigenous Cultural Competence Program
Topic:Provincial Health Services Authority, Indigenous Cultural Competency Training (ICC)

Speaker: El-Shadan Tautolo, BSC., PGDip. Forensics, MHSc. (Hons), PhD.
Topic: The Pacific Islands Families study: Longitudinal investigations of health and wellbeing amongst Pacific families in New Zealand

Speaker: Fernando Polanco, M.Sc. 
Topic: Type 2 Diabetes and KCNQ1 Mutation in First Nations People of Northern British Columbia

2011-2012 Series

Speaker: Catherine Graham, MA, Director, Metis Centre of the National Aboriginal Health Organization
Topic: Metis Health Research: Obstacles and Opportunities

Speaker: Tania Smethurst, MSc candidate, Department of Psychology, University of Victoria.
Topic: Promoting Mental Health in First Nations Youth: A Wilderness Program Evaluation Toolkit

Speaker: Dr. Charlotte Reading, Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and Social Policy, Faculty of Human and Social Development (University of Victoria).
Topic: The Role of Racist Sexism in the Lives of Aboriginal Women with HIV

Speaker: Dr. Vicky Scott, Senior Advisor, Fall and Injury Prevention BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, BC Ministry of Health Services
Topic:Healthy Aging through Fall Prevention among Older Aboriginal People

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Reading, MSc, PhD, FCAHS
Topic: Global Indigenous Health: An Opportunity for Canadian Leadership

Speaker: Be’sha Blondin, Dene Traditional Healer/Elder
Topic: Indigenous Traditional Healing and Medicine as a pathway to Health and Wellness

2010-2011 Series

Speaker: Dr. Charlotte Reading
Topic: Racism as a Social Determinant of Indigenous Health

Speaker: Dr. Nancy Turner
Topic: Why Care about Indigenous Food

Speaker: Dr. Laura Arbour
Topic: Infant mortality, birth defects and other birth outcomes in Nunavut: The challenge of translating data collection into improved health

Speaker: Professor Onowa McIvor
Topic: Language and Culture as protective factors, resilience in Indigenous communities

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Reading
Topic: An Introduction to Aboriginal health: what determines Aboriginal health in Canada and around the world