Academic writing requirement (AWR)

Strong reading, writing and research skills are essential to academic success.

Regardless of whether they are native speakers of English or have learned English as an additional language, all students need to develop these skills so that they are able to meet the expectations of advanced literacy associated with university-level academic studies.

Satisfying the academic writing requirement

All undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program must complete an AWR-designated course (ENGL 135, 146 or 147 or ENGR 110) unless they have received or completed:

  • A score of at least 86% on the B.C. English 12 Provincial Examination, or English 12 First Peoples Provincial Examination, within the three years immediately prior to admission
  • A final grade of at least 86% in an approved English 12 equivalent course from other Canadian provinces within the three years immediately prior to admission
  • Transfer credit for ENGL 135, 146 or 147, ENGR 110, or AWR-designated level credit
  • A degree from a recognized English-speaking university

Selecting an AWR-designated course

Four courses are offered that satisfy the AWR. All four are appropriate for any year of study, though you'll get the most benefit from taking one early on in your degree program:

  • ENGL 135 Academic Reading and Writing (1.5 units)
  • ENGL 146 Introduction to Literary Genres, Themes and Styles (1.5 units)
  • ENGL 147 Introduction to Literary Traditions and Transformations (1.5 units)
  • ENGR 110 Design and Communication I (2.5 units), for Engineering students only

Please note: Satisfying the AWR does not exempt students from the need to meet specific program requirements. Contact your Advising Centre if you require course selection advice

An online self-placement questionnaire is available to help you determine the course that best matches your interests and level of proficiency.

Second-language learners may also benefit from registering in one or both of the following preparatory courses before registering in an AWR-designated course:

  • ENGL 099 Remedial English Composition (0.0 units)
  • ENGL 101 Fundamentals of Academic Literacy (1.5 units)

Note: These courses do not satisfy the AWR.

Timeline for completing the AWR

To gain the greatest benefit to their degree studies, students who have not satisfied the AWR are expected to register in a 1.5-unit, AWR-designated course as soon as possible.

Transfer students who are admitted as third-year students must complete the AWR during their first Winter Session.

Nursing and block-transfer students should consult their academic advisers for information about their deadline for completing the requirement.