Work study information for supervisors

During the work study term: hours and payroll

Notify Student Awards and Financial Aid that the position has been filled

It's unfair to students, and a cause of great frustration and disappointment, to continue advertising jobs which have already been filled.

Please advise us promptly when positions are filled by returning the completed work study authorization form as soon as possible.

Monitor work hours

Please monitor the student's hours of work. Supervisors are required to retain a copy of all work study time sheet submissions to payroll.

Note that there are two separate allocations of hours:

  1. Hours allocated to the job (job hours), of which you are notified when the projects are approved in August. The combination of any or all students employed in any job may not exceed the number of job hours allocated.
  2. Hours allocated to the student (student hours), based on the student's financial need. A student may not work more hours than this allocation.

Final payroll requisitions must be received by Payroll by 4:30 pm on the payroll deadline immediately following April 26, 2024.


For more information, please contact: