Work study information for supervisors

Before the work-study term: posting and hiring

Submit a job proposal

The work study program end date for 2024/2025 is April 25, 2025.

The call for proposals memo is distributed by email, however those interested in participating in the program, do not need to receive the memo to submit a proposal.

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Go through the "before," "during" and "after" steps required for hiring a work study student.
  2. The work study job proposals are submitted via email. We recommend that you use the step-by-step guide to assist in completing this form.
  3. Print and copy of the completed proposal for your reference.
  4. Print and complete a contract for work study project supervisors and give it, along with a copy of your job posting(s), to your department head, to prioritize, prior to the May 27, 2024 deadline. Please note that only one contract need be submitted for multiple job proposals, provided each job has the same supervisor and departmental/research account number to charge-back in case of overages.
  5. Each department head will prioritize the jobs submitted and rank them on the proposal priority list to be submitted with the contracts to our office by email no later than May 27, 2024. Jobs not ranked will not be considered.  Job proposal submissions received after the deadline date cannot be guaranteed a posting date of September 4th. Late job proposal submissions will be added to the Work Study website on an ongoing basis.

Please contact Maria Ferreira in Student Awards and Financial Aid at or at local 8424 if you are unclear about this procedure.

Job proposal success notification

Each department head will be notified of the number of approved positions, for the department, in August .

The funding allocation is based on available funding, student enrolment base and the department’s historical usage of funds.


  • There is no guarantee that all project proposals submitted will be approved for funding.
  • No position vital to a department or project should rely on these funds.
  • There is no guarantee that an eligible, qualified student will apply for your project or will work the full number of hours authorized.
  • If a student leaves the position for whatever reason, a replacement cannot be guaranteed.

Job(s) get posted

All approved work study jobs will be posted to the work study current postings website and will remain posted for the duration of the program. Jobs not filled by the end of February are subject to cancellation.

Jobs that have been partially filled will remain posted, provided there is a balance of at least 20 hours, unless Student Awards & Financial Aid is notified otherwise.

Jobs can be shared, either simultaneously or consecutively, by a maximum of three students.

Interviewing and hiring

Students authorized to participate in the work study program will be sent an email informing them of their eligible hours and the study period for which the authorization is valid.  Authorized students will contact the job supervisor as indicated on the job posting.

Once the supervisor has hired a suitable candidate(s), the supervisor will request confirmation of eligibility from the student and then contact to request a pdf version of the student’s work study authorization form.  The supervisor will complete, sign and return the work study authorization form to prior to the successful candidate commencing work. 

Supervisors are responsible for the hiring, orientation and supervision of their employees as well as monitoring their hours of work.

Please note that the number of hours any student is authorized to work may vary, since the hours are dependent on the student's financial need.  The supervisor may hire up to 3 eligible work study students to share a job.  Eligible students may only fill one work study job at a time.

If you have any questions about selecting from among qualified applicants, please contact Human Resources for assistance.  It is the supervisor's responsibility to contact both successful and unsuccessful interview candidates.

Student eligibility
  • undergraduate students: 4.5 units for credit in each term
  • students with a permanent disability: 3.0 units for credit in each term
  • graduate students: as defined by the  Graduate Admissions and Records website.

Furthermore, work study participants must not drop below the minimum registration requirements at any time between September and April.


Note: students may not hold more than one work study job at a time.

Hiring an international student

International students must meet the eligibility requirements to legally work in Canada, including full-time registration as per the UVic calendar definition (with limited exceptions). Please review the International Centre for Students (ICS) Working in Canada webpage for details

A Social Insurance Number is required to participate in the work study program
All students must have a valid Social Insurance Number before commencing work in a work study position. Students may apply for a SIN in person at a Service Canada Centre. The Service Canada Centre in Victoria is located at 1401 Douglas Street. If the student has the right documents, they will be issued a SIN during their visit.

International students - what does the student need in order to apply for a social insurance number?Original documents are required. Photocopies are not accepted. International students, are considered temporary residents of Canada. To qualify for a SIN, temporary residents must provide a passport and one of the following documents issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC):

  • a valid work permit
  • valid study permit that clearly states the student 'may accept employment' or 'may work' in Canada
  • valid visitor record that clearly states the student is authorized to work in Canada

If the student wants to use their study permit to qualify for a SIN, but it does not clearly state that they "may accept employment" or "may work" in Canada, the student should contact or visit the  International Student Centre.

Further information is available on the  Government of Canada website.

After hiring

  1. Ask the successful candidate for a copy of their emailed confirmation of eligibility.
  2. Contact to request the successful candidate's work study authorization form.
  3. Complete, sign, scan and return the authorization form to as soon as possible. 
  4. Retain a copy of the authorization for your records.
  5. The job posting will then be removed from the work study website. If the job has only been partially filled, and there are at least 20 hours remaining, the job will remain posted for the balance of hours unless we are otherwise instructed.

It is unfair to students, and a cause of great frustration and disappointment, to continue advertising jobs which have already been filled. Please advise us promptly when jobs are filled, by returning the completed work study authorization form as soon as possible.

Supervisors are required to identify and explain any policies, rules and hazards associated with the specific job before students start working.  Please have students complete the required WorkSafeBC health and safety training for the following online courses:  (1) Health & Safety Orientation; (2) Awareness and Prevention of Workplace Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination available from the University of Victoria’s Occupational Health, Safety & Environment website at: 


For more information, please contact: