Work study information for supervisors

After the work study term: remaining job hours

Unused project hours

If a student leaves the position before the project hours are used, you may hire a replacement, following the same eligibility rules and procedures as you did in the initial hiring.

Send your replacement student's completed authorization to our office. If you are unable to find a replacement immediately, the position may be posted again (for a maximum of eight weeks) by calling Maria at 8424. We will only post projects with a minimum 20 hours available.

Should you wish to rehire a student who has already completed a work study position and has remaining eligible hours, please contact Maria in Student Awards & Financial Aid. She will prepare a new authorization form for the balance of the student's available hours.

Please complete the project supervisor portion of the new work study authorization form and submit the authorization to your department head for approval. Copy and return the completed form to our office immediately.


For more information, please contact: