In-course scholarships and awards: application required

Application-required scholarships and awards require students to submit either a paper or online application as well as supporting documentation.

Scholarships marked with an asterisk (*) are administered by the University of Victoria Foundation.

Application-based scholarships and awards

To be considered for the following scholarships and awards please apply as per the instructions indicated in the descriptions.

Deadlines vary, please review the information for each award carefully.

Annual Giving Student Caller Scholarship

Value: $1,000 | Number: 1

A scholarship of $1,000 is awarded to an academically outstanding undergraduate, graduate or graduating student who is a current Annual Giving student employee and who has worked a minimum of 48 hours in that position.

Applications may be obtained from the Annual Giving office and must be submitted to them by April 30th.

In the case of a graduate student award, selection will be made by the Graduate Awards Committee upon the recommendation of the Annual Giving Office. In the case of an undergraduate student award, selection will be made by the Senate Committee on Awards upon the recommendation of the Annual Giving Office.

Fessenden-Trott Scholarship

Fessenden-Trott Scholarship competition is now CLOSED. The next application period will be held in 2022.

Each year, these scholarships are offered to a different region of Canada. In 2018, nominations will be accepted from universities in the Western Provinces.

$9,000 CAD for students who have completed their first year of their first bachelor degree program by the deadline date of June 15 in the year of application. The scholarship is tenable for up to three consecutive years or until the first bachelor degree is obtained.

Applicable towards full-time studies for applicants entering the second year of their first bachelor degree in the year of application.


Gavin Quiney Residence Life Leadership Scholarship

Value: Varies | Number: Varies

One or more scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding undergraduate or graduate students who currently reside in a residence and are residence life student leaders. The scholarship recognizes a student(s) who has gone above and beyond normal expectations, contributing significantly through a body of work and/or specific outstanding achievements as a residence life student leader. Award recipients will be nominated by the Director, Residence Services.

Preference will be given to a residence life leader who will be returning in the following year.

Applications are available from Residence Services and must be submitted by April 30.


Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award

Value: Varies | Number: Varies

Awards are given to academically outstanding full time 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students who are working directly with a faculty member on a research project. Students registered in their final year of study are eligible for scholarships at a reduced courseload if they require less than 12 units of coursework to complete their degree. Normally, eligible students must have attained a minimum GPA of 7.0 in 12 units over at least two academic terms in the 12 month period immediately preceding the adjudication. Award recipients will be nominated by the research project supervisor and the Chair/Director of the appropriate academic unit or program.

The nomination form can be found on the award webpage.

Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies*

Value: Varies | Number: Varies

One or more awards are given to full or part-time undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the Diploma in Cultural Resource Management, the Graduate Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies or any degree program at the University of Victoria. Successful applicants must be embarking on heritage work and learning experiences in an international setting.  Application forms are available from the Division of Continuing Studies and must be submitted by November 15.

Note: Applications not available in 2020.

Mattinson Scholarship Program for Student with Disabilities

Mattinson Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities competition is now CLOSED.

Only one UVic student will be nominated to be put forward in the competition.

UVic deadline to apply is no later than 4 p.m. on April 20, 2018.

Objective: To encourage Canadian students with permanent disabilities to pursue university studies with the ultimate objective of obtaining a first undergraduate degree.

Mattinson Scholarship Program for Student with Disabilities winners will be selected by Universities Canada (formerly AUCC) and will be notified in July 2018. Applicants not selected will not be notified.

Nimrod Hungarian Mobility Award*

Value: Varies | Number: Varies

One or more awards are given to undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate students in the field of science, medicine, technology or social sciences disciplines who are either: 1) Coming to study from Hungary at UVic or 2) UVic students going to Hungary to study at accredited Hungarian universities. Part-time students are eligible (minimum 9.0 units for undergraduate students and less than 3.0 units for graduate). Selection of the recipients will be made by the Global Engagement Selection Committee. Two competitions are held each year. The deadlines for applications are 4:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of March and November. Applications must be submitted to the Office of Global Engagement either in person to University Centre, Room B202, or by email as a single pdf document to .

Senator William John MacDonald Travelling Scholarship*

The Senator William John MacDonald Travelling Scholarship grants a scholarship of $25,000 to students entering Graduate Studies at a Scottish university. This award was established by Mrs. T.G. Keir in memory of her grandfather, Senator MacDonald. The scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student who received an undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria since the last competition (2019) and who is planning to undertake a graduate degree in Arts, Science or Fine Arts at a Scottish university. If there are no suitable candidates wishing to study at a Scottish university then applicants wishing to attend any United Kingdom university will be considered.

Conditions of Eligibility:

  • Will receive or have received a UVic undergraduate degree between June 2017 and June 2020
  • Are planning on entering graduate studies at a Scottish university

*If there are no suitable candidates entering a Scottish university then students entering any university in the United Kingdom will be considered.

  • Are planning on entering graduate studies in either Arts, Science or Fine Arts
  • Will be commencing graduate studies no later than October 2020

*The successful recipient must provide confirmation of registration in their program prior to receiving funding.

Deadline to apply: Application and supplemental documents must have been submitted via My Page by Friday, December 13, 2019. Applications are now closed. 

Next application Fall 2023.

Student Activity Grant Funding

Value: Varies | Number: Varies

Each year, the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Victoria provides grants to current graduate and undergraduate students in order to support extracurricular activities or unique opportunities such as:

  • student initiatives that support the student experience and contribute to student success;
  • registration fees for unique learning opportunities;
  • travel to national and international competitions that raise UVic’s profile; and
  • travel to participate in the organization of a conference or significant educational opportunity.

This program will distribute $5000 between September 1 and March 30, up to a maximum of $500 per student.
The distribution or remittance of approved support funds will be organized on a case-by-case basis that meets both the needs of the applicant and the payment procedures of the University.

Information on how to apply.

Student International Activities Fund

Value: Varies | Number: Varies

UVic's International Office established the Student International Activities Fund (SIAF) to support full-time UVic undergraduate and graduate students participating in international learning activities.  These international activities should provide students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to live, work, and communicate in a changing international environment.  Eligible activities include but are not limited to:  exchange and study abroad programs organized by UVic, unpaid international internships and co-op placements; field schools; and, volunteer programs.  Review the SIAF application form and go to the Global Engagement Office website for more information.  Applications must be submitted to the International Office - Global Engagement unit located in the University Centre room B208.  

Three competitions for the SIAF are held each academic year. The deadlines for applications are 4:30 PM on the third Wednesday of March, July and November.

Student Mental Health Grant

The UVic student mental health grant has been created to support and encourage students to take ownership on the topic of mental health and empower them to create activities, events, and programs to educate, inform and engage the UVic community.

Grants will be approved for activities/events/programs that:
■support mental health awareness/education
■are consistent with the current annual theme of the student mental health strategy
■engage the UVic community
■create legacy opportunities (ongoing discussion, repeat event, etc.)
■provide significant and clear outcomes which can be articulated and assessed
■provide a reasonable budget that clearly articulates expenses that do not exceed $2,000
■have been signed off by a university sponsor
■include supporting documentation for items such as anticipated costs, sample promotional materials or handouts, etc.

Approved grants will be paid to applicants through normal university payment procedures.

Information on how to apply.

Vikes Recreation Student Leadership Award

Value: Varies | Number: Varies

One or more awards are given to undergraduate or graduate students who are involved in and contribute to campus life by either working or volunteering with Vikes Recreation. Award recipients will be selected on the basis of work ethic, commitment and performance criteria by the Director of Athletics and Recreation in consultation with the Associate Director, Sport. Students are expected to prepare a proposal to apply for this award.

  • Contact Joanne Scott at Vikes Campus Recreation,, for more information and to obtain a proposal package.
  • The proposal package must be returned to Joanne Scott by email ( with the subject line "Vikes Rec Student Leadership Award".