Other card types

A UVic student uses her ONECard as a door access card.

Affiliate cards

An affiliate card costs $20.00 and can be charged to your department's account

Department cards

The department charge card is for staff and faculty to use for food purchases during department meetings, for university guests and catering services. It works like a credit card and can be used at all University Food Services locations.  Apply by filling out an authorization form and sending it to the University Food Services .

Features include:

  • all charges are tax exempt
  • multiple cards can be set up on one account for different department users
  • monthly billing

Door access

All ONECards can be encoded with door access.  Authorized staff members may complete the following webform in order to add or remove users from their door access plan  door access request form.

Tired of keys and looking to add card access to your area/door?  Please complete a FAMIS request to get a card access lock installed.  


Guests visiting the University of Victoria can obtain a GUESTCard free-of-charge from the ONECard office. You can use your GUESTCard for fast and convenient financial transactions at the UVic Bookstore, UVSS Food Outlets, CARSA, Zap and Campus Pharmacy. You'll also get a 5% discount at all University Food Services outlets.  GUESTCards can not be used for door access.

ID badge

The ONECard office issues custom UVic ID badges for those who require specific kinds of identification. 

Questions? Email .