Non-hazardous wastewater disposal

Certain non-hazardous lab wastewaters such as salt and buffer solutions can be safely disposed of in the sink while maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. Reducing the amount of non-hazardous waste entering the hazardous waste stream makes both economic and environmental sense.

Labs eligible for this type of disposal without prior approval are the biochemistry and microbiology teaching labs. However, if you are a research or teaching lab interested in qualifying for this type of disposal outside the above listed lab scope, you may be eligible to participate after receiving prior approval from OHSE.

Following approval, you may then safely dispose of those solutions in the sink under the following conditions: 

  • Wastewater must have a pH between 5.5 - 11,
  • Wastewater must be disposed of with plenty of water, and
  • Wastewater must not be contaminated with untreated cell cultures, dyes, antibiotics or other chemicals absent from the approved list.

**All other wastes must be collected and disposed of as Hazardous Waste via OHSE**