Pollution prevention

UVic is committed to protecting the local environment, waterways and oceans from harmful or dangerous pollutants.  Environmental regulations, legislated codes of practice, and our internal guidelines and prevention measures, ensure that all waste streams generated from campus activities are appropriately managed.

CRD Codes of Practice

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Source Control program regulates pollutants that are discharged into drains and the sewer system for the Victoria region. There are eleven CRD Codes of Practice for managing contaminants of wastes from a variety of operations. These operations include, but are not limited to: food service, printing, photographic imaging, vehicle washing activities and laboratories. It is important to become familiar with these Codes of Practice and understand whether they apply to your operations. The CRD Laboratory Code of Practice applies to a large component of UVic. Source control of wastes from labs and photographic imaging are managed through the UVic Hazardous Waste Management program to ensure compliance with the CRD Source Control & Sewer Use by-law.

CRD Landfill Disposal and Wastewater Discharge

Certain liquid and solid wastes generated from UVic activities may require a permit from the CRD. Examples include bedding wastes from animal care facilities and wastewater discharges from aquatics research.

Landfill Controlled Wastes are managed by the Hartland landfill in a particular manner because of their potential to have a negative impact on human health and the environment. These wastes require a Controlled Waste disposal permit and can be discharged in the Hartland landfill by appointment only with a valid Controlled Waste permit.

Wastewater Discharge permits are required for:

  • Discharges of large volumes (greater than 10 cubic metres per day) of non-domestic wastewater into the sewer system, or
  • Discharges of wastewater containing high loads of specified chemicals into the sanitary sewer. 

For more information, please contact Amanda Muench at  or 250-853-3915.