Public computer use

The Libraries' computer workstations are available for activities related to study, research and teaching. These activities must be conducted according to practices ensuring that the rights of all users are protected. UVic Libraries may impose time limits on the use of equipment to ensure reasonable availability to all.

Library users bear sole responsibility for the material they choose to access, send or display. Users in violation of this policy will be asked to refrain from the restricted activity. Failure to comply may result in removal from the building. Sanctions may be appealed to the University Librarian.

Appropriate activities:

  1. Searching library catalogues, databases, files and directories.
  2. Emailing, printing or saving search results to an external device.
  3. Searching the internet for study, research and teaching.
  4. Using email relating to study, research and teaching.
  5. Using software provided by the libraries
  6. Saving documents to a campus server.
  7. Sending requests or feedback to the libraries.

Prohibited activities:

  1. Using workstations in a manner which contributes to an uncomfortable study or work environment.
  2. Using Libraries computer equipment or software for commercial purposes.
  3. Downloading and/or installing software or plug-ins on to a libraries workstation.
  4. Tampering with or "fixing" equipment.
  5. Using workstations in a manner that violates libraries policy, university policy, laws or statutes.

Computer use is governed by the following:

  1. Local, provincial, or federal laws which govern the use of computing and communication facilities in Canada. These include, but are not limited to, the Criminal Code of Canada, the BC Civil Rights Protection Act, the BC Human Rights Act, and the Canadian Human Rights Act.
  2. University of Victoria policies, including Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources Policy IM7200, Discrimination and Harassment Policy GV0205, and other UVic policies regarding conduct.