UVic Libraries - Guidelines on Conduct

Users of the University of Victoria Libraries are expected to be respectful towards the library and its users, staff, facilities, and resources at all times. The Libraries’ materials and spaces are a shared resource. This is a learning environment that requires collaboration to maintain a culture of scholarship, open academic inquiry, and respect as part of the social contract of the university community. Library users are responsible for informing themselves of the Libraries’ policies and University of Victoria Policies.

Library users will:

  • Treat library materials respectfully by not writing in, marking, tearing or removing book pages, or otherwise causing damage to library materials and property.
  • Respect others by behaving civilly and showing consideration to staff members and other users.
  • Refrain from exhibiting behavior or using language that threatens, harasses, intimidates, disrupts or demeans others, or may be interpreted as such. Such behavior is not tolerated in the library and is contrary to University Policies, for instance:

The UVic Libraries will:

  • Provide users with an inviting and supportive academic environment, inclusive service, and respect.
  • Provide as many resources, facilities and services as possible to support your studies.
  • Provide equitable and open access to Library resources and facilities.
  • Provide a safe environment by applying these Guidelines on Conduct and other university policies which support a respectful and productive learning environment.

Maintaining a respectful and safe space, and equitable and open access to Libraries resources are of the utmost importance to us. If you violate any Guidelines on Conduct you may be suspended from access to all Library facilities and resources for a period of time and, if necessary, reported to the University’s authority on Non-Academic Misconduct, the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs for further consideration. 

The University of Victoria has zero tolerance for violent or unlawful behavior. Users engaging in such behavior will be removed from the premises by Campus Security or the police.