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Concurrent Users: There is no limit to the number of UVic students and staff who can access SciFinder concurrently.

To use SciFinder, there are three access options...

NEW! - SciFinder N

Scifinder was upgraded as of 2021 to SciFinder-n which provides desktop access to Chemical Abstracts and related databases from CAS. Date coverage: 1907-present (articles and patents); 1955-present (substances). If not already registered with SciFinder Web, follow the instructions below.

  1. SciFinder Web:
    • Already registered? Click here - University of Victoria
    • To register?  Click here - University of Victoria
    • Individual Registration is required for the web version of SciFinder. SciFinder's web-based user registration form allows you to create your own SciFinder username and password. The registration process requires you use an email address ending in After the form is complete, CAS sends an e-mail with the instructions for completing the registration process.
  2. SciFinder Mobile:
    • Visit on your mobile device to seamlessly access an intuitive, mobile-friendly version of SciFinder.
    • If not already registered with SciFinder Web, register in advance, to access SciFinder on your mobile devices.
    • With SciFinder Mobile, there's no app to download, no IP address restrictions, and users don't occupy concurrent seats.
    • Use SciFinder Mobile to:
      • Explore by Research Topic
      • Explore by Substance Identifier
      • Explore by Author Name
      • Explore by Company Name
      • Review Keep Me Posted Alerts
      • Review Saved Answer Sets
    • To learn more, visit the SciFinder Mobile web page.

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