Faculty and instructors

Get support or re-energize yourself by trying something new in your teaching.

We offer support for instructors at all career stages, including:

We provide workshops and one-on-one confidential consultations to help you enhance your teaching. Meet with us on topics like:

  • designing your syllabus
  • developing a course
  • identifying course learning outcomes
  • crafting assignments
  • deciding on assessment methods
  • improving classroom management
  • enhancing your course evaluations
  • applying for internal and external grants and awards

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The building blocks of a course and a program are the learning outcomes.

Start planning a course or analyzing your program by identifying what you want your students to know, be able to do or be by the end of the course.

Design the assignments and assessments to develop, practice and measure students' success to meet those outcomes.

We work with instructors and departments to ensure that course and program learning outcomes align with assignments, assessments and instructional strategies.

After identifying the learning outcomes of a course, you can design the curriculum.

How will the assignments help students practice the learning outcomes, and how you will assess their mastery of them?

We provide one-on-one consultations to help you craft course curriculum as well as departmental retreats to help hone whole program design.