Conversation Partners program

Conversation partner program

The Conversation Partners Program provides students, who have English as an additional language, with opportunities to practice, build confidence, and improve their conversational English skills all while building global relationships.

One or two students, who have English as an additional language, are matched with a conversation partner. Conversation partners are students and staff members who are proficient in speaking English. The Conversation partner makes arrangements with the student(s) to meet for a minimum of 1 hour every week throughout the term.

Examples of activities include:

  • Academic: studying together, attending workshops, training, conferences, and symposiums
  • Informal meetups: coffee, meals, walks
  • Community activities: museum tours, and festivals
  • Intercultural engagement: participating in cultural festivals, intercultural training, holiday events (e.g. Thanksgiving, Holi Festival, Lunar New Year), and International Education Week
  • Fitness and sport: hiking, working out together

The Conversation Partners Program provides a unique opportunity for participants to:

  • Improve listening and conversational speaking skills
  • Enhance cultural exchange, cultural competence and cultural knowledge
  • Share unique global experiences and perspectives
  • Learn and grow as individuals
  • Develop new friendships on campus

Note: Conversation partners are not teachers or tutors; they provide English-as-an-additional-language students with opportunities to practice their conversational English in an informal setting.


You can always find similarities and differences with others in the program and it becomes your home for social connection.

Global community student

We break into laughter in almost every conversation and I think it says a lot about how people can connect in spite of language barriers.

Global Community volunteer

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