Humanities on the world stage

The Thinking Garden

History professor Elizabeth Vibert was honoured with a 2018 UVic REACH Award for research excellence for her work on The Thinking Garden. The documentary project, directed by UVic professor emerita Christine Welsh from Gender Studies, and written and produced by Welsh and Vibert, tells the story of South African women creating change through their community garden.

Greek and Roman Studies chair Brendan Burke has been taking UVic students on an archaeological dig in central Greece for more than a decade as part of the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological project. The project’s goal is to document and interpret evidence around the use of land, settlement patterns and burial practices of humans at the site of ancient Eleon.

Gender Studies associate professor Annalee Lepp's research focuses on migration and trafficking in persons in Canada and internationally. She has worked extensively with the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) especially as a founding member of its Canadian chapter in 1996.

The Map of Early Modern London depicts 1,600 locations including taverns and playhouses; water cisterns and fields; wards or districts; churches and bridges; and the streets of London. Headed by English associate professor Janelle Jenstad, MoEML captures an image of London just before it was transformed by immigration from a small city to a metropolis over the century to 1650.

Our world-class researchers can be found digging ancient ruins in Greece, creating digital maps of early modern London, pondering the ethics of international law, and tracing why some books published in the 16th century still find an audience today.