Work Study positions

JOB TITLE: Video recorder / editor / photographer


The Video Recorder/ Editor/ Photographer will produce and edit the recorded footage of faculty and students who will participated in on-line projects. The tasks of this position will include photographing or videotaping events happing in the Medieval Studies Program: such as classes, workshops, student events and conferences and any other special events. Producing videos podcasts, and/or photographs which may include our faculty members discussing research, historical items of interest, as well as items from the library’s Special Collections. There will also be a number of interviews done with students currently enrolled in Medieval Studies courses and participants in the MEDI Student Course Union. These edited recordings will be posted to the University’s You Tube site as well as the Medieval Studies website for use by faculty, students and community. The assistant will be responsible for visual and audio editing the videos.

To read about qualifications, hours and how to apply please see this workstudy form.

JOB TITLE: Research and Social Media Assistant


The assistant will do research and gather materials to be used to generate a ‘student newsletter’ as well as communicate upcoming events/activities in the Medieval Studies Program, the Uvic community and the local Greater Victoria area. The assistant’s main tasks will be to gather relevant, accurate information from reliable sources on assigned topics related to medieval material culture and to present this information in properly documented written form for the use of students and community visitors.

To read about qualifications, hours and how to apply, please see this workstudy form.