Our graduate students

PhD students

Name Research area Supervisor
Alhemaid, Amjad Second language speaking strategies Li-Shih Huang
Syntax Martha McGinnis
Critical Discourse Analysis and Raciolinguistics Alexandra D'Arcy
Inuit languages and language revitalization Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins
L3 Phonology John Archibald
Bangla Phonology Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins
Learning and teaching approaches for language revitalization Su Urbanczyk
McCreery, Dale Language revitalization and healing Leslie Saxon; Li-Shih Huang
Phonetics Sonya Bird
Intonation, gesture, and language revitalization Sonya Bird
L3 Phonology John Archibald
Yuan, Qin (Sophia) Discourse connectives in argumentative writing Li-Shih Huang

MA Linguistics students

Name Research area Supervisor
Sociolinguistics and language change Alexandra D'Arcy
Language variation and change Alexandra D'Arcy
TBA Martha McGinnis
TBA Sonya Bird
Language revitalization Megan Lukaniec
Speech technology and language revitalization Sonya Bird; Su Urbanczyk
Tone and the Bilingual Lexicon John Archibald
TBA Su Urbanczyk
Morphology Su Urbanczyk;John Archibald
Talwani, Jasper
Syntax Martha McGinnis

MA Applied Linguistics students

Name Research area Supervisor
TBA Hossein Nassaji
Adult low-literacy refugee background L2 English learners Li-Shih Huang
TBA Hossein Nassaji
Comparative lexical analysis of learner writing across disciplines Li-Shih Huang
Bilingual semantic processing and metaphor comprehension Li-Shih Huang
Data-Driven Learning Li-Shih Huang
L2 pronunciation and assessment Li-Shih Huang
Second language acquisition and language revitalization Li-Shih Huang
Mao, Rain Corpus-driven analysis of business case-report writing Li-Shih Huang
Nezhad, Pegah Classroom discourse, task-based language teaching, feedback Hossein Nassaji
Core French instructional methods and learner motivation in B.C. Li-Shih Huang
TBA Li-Shih Huang

Masters in Indigenous Language Revitalization (MILR) students

Name Research area Supervisor
Dennis, Odelia Forming new words in Tahltan Leslie Saxon
Grant, Laura TBA Alexandra D'Arcy
Watts, Patricia Oowekyala coming of age ceremony Suzanne Urbanczyk
Weir, Candace Digitizing Xaayda Kil elders tapes Suzanne Urbanczyk
Wells, Victoria Using theatre for language revitalization Suzanne Urbanczyk