Kate Williams

Kate Williams
Beekeeper / Baker / Yoga instructor

BA in Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies (2015)

Kate says the language and anthropology courses from her LAS degree have helped her connect with people at work from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. She is motivated to continue studying Spanish, as she will be travelling to Central America. She says she is grateful to have a foundation in Spanish, because it opens the door to communicate as she travels, and to speak with new Canadians and travellers where she currently lives in Canmore. It also deepens her appreciation for Latin American news, music, and food!

The best memory of my studies was certainly the Cuban Ethnographic field school. I had the opportunity to build ethnographic field skills in 2014 alongside a lively group of fellow students and local guides. I will never forget the music, projects and lessons we participated in. I noticed that I could apply my diverse collection of LAS courses in Cuba including classes in Grammar and Conversation, Gender in Latin America, and Music and Culture of Cuba. I am very grateful that I chose an interdisciplinary degree in LAS and for my experiences both on and off campus.